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Android Tips #1

Android Tips and Tricks No matter if you bought the phone from us or another supplier (grrr) check out our first volume of tips. There’s no denying...
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More than just a tablet the Apple iPad Pro.

  The Apple iPad Pro is an incredibly popular tablet produced by Apple, and can be used for a variety of things, from digital art to writing...
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Samsung Tech and the Future

The future of Samsung Phones Wearable tech and Tablets It can be hard to predict what we will see in the future as the world is constantly...
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Tips & Tricks for iPhone Users #1

Here at Handtec we will be sharing a few tips and tricks for iPhone Users. This is our first episode - keep tuned for more :)  The...
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Basic Differences of Apple Ipads

What are the basic differences between the Apple iPad versions? The same differences are the fact they are all running the iOS operating system. Most apps will...
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All about the Apple iPhone 8 and Plus

Apple iPhone 8 and Plus There’s no denying the overall popularity and prolificacy of iPhones; they are without a doubt the most widely known type of smart-phone...
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