More than just a tablet the Apple iPad Pro.


The Apple iPad Pro is an incredibly popular tablet produced by Apple, and can be used for a variety of things, from digital art to writing to managing business on the go.

The iPad Pro comes in two different sizes: the 12.9 inch version and the 9.7 inch version. The vast size difference between these two versions of this tablet mean that each model has its own type of screen and cameras, as well as slightly different internal hardware to accommodate these differences.

The smaller iPad Pro (the 9.7 inch) features a lower resolution screen when compared to the larger version, but in practice it still looks just as sharp thanks to having the same PPI (pixels per inch) as the larger version. Additionally, the smaller iPad Pro is actually has a wider range of colors ti can display when compared to the 12.9 inch version; this makes it the better choice between the two if you use your tablet for anything to do with visual design. The smaller iPad Pro also features much better cameras when compared to the larger iPad Pro; this makes this tablet preferable to the large version when it comes to taking pictures as well. And finally, the smaller iPad is both cheaper than the larger version and also easier to carry with you on the go, whereas the 12.9 inch version cam sometimes feel clunky and awkward to carry with you unless you have a bag that’s large enough to stow it away in.

The larger iPad Pro (the 12.9 inch version) features a larger screen, which in turn means a larger keyboard for whenever you need to do some typing on your tablet; this often makes this larger tablet a better choice for anyone who does lots of typing or business-oriented work while on the go, since it makes typing easier to do (and with fewer mistakes made thanks to the larger keyboard). Also, while the smaller iPad Pro features a wider range of colors in terms of what it can display, the iPad Pro’s larger screen size and higher screen resolution make it a popular choice among graphic artists as well. On top of all of that, the larger iPad Pro also comes with 4GB of RAM, a significant bump up from the smaller iPad Pro’s 2GB of RAM. That being said, this larger version of the iPad Pro is also significantly more expensive when compared to the smaller version; many customers who purchase it report that it is well worth the extra cost, but for anyone on a tight budget the cost of a brand new 12.9 inch iPad Pro might simply be a little too high.

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Refurbished iPad Pro

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