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Used Phones & Environment

Used cell phones have a impact on our environment   It seems that cell phones are a part of everyone's life. Everywhere you look you see people...
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Top Reasons Why Refurbished Phones Offer Better Value

Top Reasons Why Refurbished Phones Offer Better Value Once you get your cell phone, you’re excited to have the latest and greatest phone out there. Except, every...
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Used Phones and the Precious Metals..Recycle

How Old Phones Hold Potential for Precious Metal Values Gold-encrusted smartphones might be out of your reach, but your standard phone might be more valuable than you...
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Disappearing Whatsapp Messages

Benefit of WhatsApp’s Disappearing Messages Feature Lately, disappearing messages have been the hottest recent feature in social media apps like WhatsApp and Signal. But why? What are...
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Buying Kids Phones

When Should You Buy a Mobile Phone For Your Son or Daughter? The prospect of giving your son or daughter a phone for the first time is...
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Drivers Banned From Using Phones

Drivers Banned From Using Hand-Held Devices in Car in the U.K. 2022 promises to be a lot more strict against drivers using their mobile phones while driving...
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