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Here at Handtec we have been selling best mobile phones for over 17 years. We have always offered the most competitive and lowest prices on phones in the UK. Compare our prices against new phones and savings of upto 70% can be achieved. Our used and refurbished phones include the latest bargains from Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. The deals we offer are inclusive to us and if you find a better price anywhere else then simply use our price match link on the phone page.

Cheap Apple iPhones

Click here to view our offers on bargain Pre-Owned Apple iPhone deals. From iPhone 6 7 8 X  XS MAX & 11 series

Cheap Samsung Phones

Click here to view our offers on bargain Pre-Owned Samsung phones including Samsung Notes and the the latest Galaxy Range.

Cheap OnePlus

Click here to view our offers on bargain OnePlus range of Pre-Owned phones

Cheap Huawei

Click here to view our bargain Huawei range of Pre-Owned phones.

Cheap Apple Watches

Click here to view our Pre-Owned bargain Apple Watches.

Cheap Other Phones

Click here to view other Pre-Owned phones such as Motorola , Google , Blackberry etc.

SONY Phones

Cheap Used Sony Phones

LG Phones

Cheap Used LG Phones

Samsung Watches

Cheap Used Samsung Watches

NOKIA Phones

Cheap Used Nokia Phones

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As usual you will check for the latest offers from networks like EE , Three , Vodafone , Virgin etc on their Sim free and unlocked deals. With our refurbished mobile phone deals you will always be better off. Simply purchase the phone outright and add on a sim deal from as low as £5 per month. We offer free next day UK delivery and 12 Month warranty as standard. 

Here at Handtec we compare our prices with most stores including CarPhoneWarehouse, O2,  GiffGaff and Tesco Mobile. Handtec will not appear on comparison websites like Uswitch and others as we will pass the savings directly to our customers.