Refurbished Phones

Below are a few examples of our Refurbished , Used or Secondhand popular collections to see more please use our main menu.

UKs Largest selection of Refurbished Used Second hand and Unlocked Phones. Apple iPhones , Samsung Galaxys all shipped free Next Day from the UK. Get the cheapest and best deals on Used and Refurbished iPhones and Phones. Save money on contract phones as our unlocked (sim free) can be used on any network. Be it Used Second hand or Refurbished Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone they all come with an extensive 12 Month Warranty and can be delivered Next Day anywhere in the UK. We also offer worldwide shipping.

iPhone 7 Refurb

Refurbished Apple iPhone 7

Cheap iPhone 7 Deals

iPhone 6 6S Refurbs

Refurbished Apple iPhone 6 / 6S

Cheap iPhone 6 & 6S Deals

Galaxy S7 and S7 edge Refurbs

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 / Edge

Cheap Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Deals

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Refurbs

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 / Edge

Cheap Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Deals

iPhone 7 Plus Refurbs

Refurbished Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Cheap iPhone 7 Plus Deals

iPhone 6 & 6s Plus Refurbs

Refurbished Apple iPhone 6 / 6S Plus

Cheap iPhone 6 and 6S Plus Deals

Samsung S8 and S8 Refurbs

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus

Cheap Galaxy S8 and Plus Deals

iPhone X refurbs

Refurbished Apple iPhone X

Cheap iPhone X Deals

iPhone 4 5 SE Refurbs

Refurbished Apple iPhone 4/5 SE

Cheap iPhone 4 5 SE Deals

Samsung S9 and S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 / Plus + Refurbished

Cheap Samsung S9 & Plus Deals

iPhone 8 Plus Refurbs

Refurbished Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Cheap iPhone 8 Plus Deals

iPhone 8 refurbs

Refurbished Apple iPhone 8

Cheap iPhone 8 Deals

Oneplus Refurbs

Refurbished OnePlus/Huawei

Cheap OnePlus & Huawei Deals

Samsung Note 8 Refurbs

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 / 8 Refurbished

Cheap Samsung Note 5 8 Deals

LG Refurbs

Refurbished LG Phones

Cheap LG Phone Deals

Samsung Refurbs

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Other

Cheap Galaxy Phone Deals

Here at Handtec all our Refurbished Phones are prepared by certified Engineers and are quality assured. Devices can be pre-owned or customer returns and if parts are required we only use Genuine certified parts. You can be rest assured you will find the deals on cheap phones. Our Mobile Phone deals come with a 14 Day money back guarantee and 12 Month Warranty.

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