Sim Free Phones

Grab a Handtec Sim Free Phone and get to choose any network. Unlocked phones enable you to break free from lengthy contracts. Our wide selection of phones can be used in any country and on any network. We have some of the latest phones available at the best possible deals. So what you waiting for.. liberate yourself and break free from contract phones forever! Power to the people!


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12 month warranty and 14 day money back guarantee as standard 


We offer many delivery methods. From free, next day and even weekend options

Sim Free Apple iPhones

Great deals on Sim Free iPhones. These UnLocked Apple iPhones can be used without contracts. 

Sim Free Samsung Phones

Great deals on Sim Free Samsung Phones. These UnLocked Samsung Galaxy Phones can be used without contracts.

Sim Free OnePlus

Sim Free One Plus Phones. Unlocked and ready to use on any network

Sim Free Huawei

Sim Free Huawei Phones. Unlocked and ready to use on any network

Used Apple Watches

Click here to view our Pre-Owned Apple Watches.

Sim Free Other Phones

Click here to view other Pre-Owned phones such as Motorola , Google , Blackberry etc.

SONY Phones

Cheap Sim Free Sony Phones 

LG Phones

Cheap Sim Free LG Phones

Samsung Watches

Cheap Sim Free Samsung Watches

NOKIA Phones

Cheap Sim Free Nokia Phones  

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Our range of phones are all covered by a 12 Month Warranty and available on a next working day delivery. Contract phones at first may seem cheap and and easy way to purchase however you will most likely be paying up to twice the cost when compared to choosing a unlocked phone from Handtec. Liberate yourself and have get the freedom to change phones whenever you wish with a Sim Free Phone from Handtec.

We ship worldwide so everyone can enjoy the liberation of a contract free Mobile Phone :)