Samsung Tech and the Future

The future of Samsung Phones Wearable tech and Tablets

It can be hard to predict what we will see in the future as the world is constantly changing and the tech world is becoming more and more advanced. Too many economic and social impacts can also take part in what is to become of things in the future.

Back in the day we would see only high-top business managers and owners having a mobile pinned to their back pocket. In conferences there would be just one single laptop that everyone would work from whereas now we have these small compact tablets that we can all own and take to each meeting.

The days of using slides in the projectors is also gone now you can use your laptop, tablet and ever you phone to display documents and pictures to the whole room.

We have evolved so far that phones, tablets and computers have become our world. We no longer use just the old-fashioned alarm clock we use our mobile phones. We are not seeing as many normal wrist watches anymore. We are now seeing these smart watches that have calendars, they can monitor heart rate etc. and so much more. There needs to be complete, rapid, continuous updates to keep up with the demand of the growing needs of people and making life easier.

Where is Samsung heading from here

Could we be seeing flexible screens in the near future? We are already seeing the S7 S8 S9 edge that wraps the display around the edges of the device. If this is being done now it could very well be a starting point for something more. The company has future plans that are seeing an idea of a more flexible screen. Which will take viewing your phone to a next level. There is also talk of looking at your phone and it will be looking back at you with a layer of advanced biometric security with the iris scanner.

Samsung’s phones are able to monitor heart rates, but they are not monitoring to a medical grade. Filed patents are showing that Samsung are stepping above your local GP with their devices being able to monitor blood pressure, pulse rate and your heart rate in a medical level.

One some people find impossible is the foldable phone. While flexible phones are one thing foldable smart phones are being listed as something the simply cannot be done. There is no confirmation as to what foldable actually means whether we are talking about a flip phone style or a phone that is made from a flexible material that can bend.

Samsung’s phones are getting more complicated as they go along, and we won’t just see updates and out of this world designs there will be updates and impressive accessories coming out as well. How about a tri-fold cover? One that will build on the handsets panel with not only one but two screens. Your portrait view will become a widescreen viewing experience. There will be extra speakers boosting functions and a solar cell to keep your battery going.

The idea of implants currently seems daft. However what if it wasn't an implant but simply a sticker gets power from your body and displays visually on your command..hold on we can go on for ever.


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