Tips & Tricks for iPhone Users #1

Here at Handtec we will be sharing a few tips and tricks for iPhone Users. This is our first episode - keep tuned for more :) 

The iPhone is indisputably one of the most widely used smart-phones in the world, but many people are missing out on some of the more useful tips and tricks that can be used to enhance their iPhone experience. In this article, we’ll explain three of the most handy tricks: redialing the last number you called, how to take screenshots on an iPhone X, and how to set your phone to Do Not Disturb while you’re driving in order to promote greater safety. We hope you find this information helpful for getting a better iPhone experience. 

  • Redial the last number you called.Most people simply go to the Recents section of their phone if they need to call someone back, but there’s actually a faster way to call someone back immediately (although it will only work for the last number dialed). To do this, launch the Phone application like you normally would, but instead of hitting Recents, simply tap the green Call button instead; this will immediately dial the last number you called. And while this little trick may not seem like a big deal, it can still save you a little time that would otherwise be spent tapping through your Recents section

  • Taking screenshots on the iPhone X. If you’ve upgraded to an iPhone X from an older model of iPhone, you might be wondering how to take a screenshot; for previous iPhone models, taking screenshots was done by pressing the Home and Power buttons at the same time. But with no Home button on the new iPhone, how can you take a screenshot? Don’t worry; it’s actually pretty simple once you learn how to do it! For an iPhone X, to take a screenshot all you need to do is press the large Siri button and the Volume Up button at the same time. It’s a bit different from how we did it before, but after some practice it’s not a difficult adjustment to make.

  • Do Not Disturb While Driving. We all know that we shouldn’t be on our phones when we’re driving; not only can you face a hefty fine or ticket if you’re caught, it’s downright irresponsible and dangerous. According to the National Safety Council, cell phone use while driving leads to approximately 1.6 million crashes every single year (with about a quarter of those caused by texting specifically). This is where the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature comes in; when activated, it can keep notifications and text alerts from disturbing you when you’re behind the wheel. This feature can be customized according to your needs (you can pick and choose which types of notifications to put on hold while you’re driving), but in general it can really help to make driving much safer; it will even send a customizable message to anyone who tries to contact you and let them know that you’re unavailable at the moment.