Basic Differences of Apple Ipads

What are the basic differences between the Apple iPad versions?

The same differences are the fact they are all running the iOS operating system. Most apps will run smoothly on each of the different four models however some games and apps might not run as good on the different types. They all come in the same colors the silver, gold and the space grey. There is a rose gold available in the 10.5-inch iPad pro. Now for the differences.

Into the display
The size of the screen is a huge difference and a very noticeable one at that. They come in four different sizes:

7.9-inch iPad mini 4 which has a screen of 2048-1536
10.5inch iPad pro has a 2224-1668 screen
12.9inch iPad pro with a screen of 2732 by 2048
9.7 inch with a 2048 with a screen of 1536

The pro models have a wider P3 color gamut that will alter the whiteness of the screen, so it matches the light in the room. This is also known as True Tone. There is a higher refresh rate which gives you are more smoother tone.

Looking at the CPU

The big difference here is the chip that comes inside the model. The pro versions have the A10X fusionsystem chip whereas the iPad has the A9 and the mini has the even older version A8. This breaks it down to the pros work around 30 percent faster for the single core and around 80 percent for the multi-core.
The iPad pros have a working CPU running 150 percent faster than the others.

The storage

When it comes to storage the iPad mini comes in 128GB then the two pro versions come in the 64GB, 256GB and the huge 512GB. The 128GB is a good amount of space for basic users but if you are working with high resolution videos and digital images etc. the larger option would be better suited.

The audio and camera

There are a few differences between the iPad versions when your looking at the audio playback and the camera. The iPad pros use a 12-megapixel camera with optical image stabilizers. The pro versions have the ability to record 4k videos. Where as the mini and the regular iPad are sitting on 1080p.The pros are using a 7megapixel facetime camera where as the others are running on a 1.2 megapixel. The iPad pro versions have four speakers whereas the mini 4 and the regular iPad only have two.

The specs are solid and most times it is going to depend on what you are using the device for if you are just interested in browsing and game playing to fill in some time here and there and perhaps to use the calendar to keep track of appointments then you are not going to need something that has a fantastic camera and a huge amount of storage.However if you use the device daily for work such as editing images then you would be better to buy the bigger storage type.



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