What You Need to Know about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Phones

What You Need to Know about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Phones

Typically in January, Samsung announces its new phone offerings to their fans. What this means is that we’re probably a few months out from the official announcement from this company. But that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate about what this new phone has to offer. Read on to learn more about what the Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones could potentially offer users.


It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S22 range of phones will have many of the same design traits that you can currently see with the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. There are rumours that there will be some slight modifications, but there shouldn’t be any major changes anticipated for the new models of phones. There is the potential for waterproofing with the S22 range of phones as well as USB Type-C charging, as well as potentially having a plastic backing as opposed to the glass backing on the Galaxy S21 range.

It’s also believed that there may be not only a prominent camera housing on this phone, but there may also be a punch-hole front camera. This may be a feature that you can only find on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phones. 


Currently, the displays for these phones range between 6.2-inch displays to 6.7-inch displays with the S21 models. There’s nothing to say whether or not they are going to stick with this size, but the rumours suggest that the S22 range of phones will be smaller. These phones could potentially range from 6.06-inch displays to potentially a 6.8-inch display. It is also believed that these phones will have a full-HD display, with a higher display resolution for the Ultra model. The Ultra model will also potentially have a variable refresh rate. 

There is also the expectation that the Ultra will have a curved display.


The Samsung Galaxy S22 range of phones will likely have the latest flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a processor that is anticipated to be revealed in December. As far as storage and RAM, it is expected that the S22 line will have 128G of storage and 8GB of RAM. These phones will be 5G capable and likely offer both fast wireless charging and fast charging. However, this charger will not come in the box as it was confirmed by Samsung already. 

As far as the batteries go, the batteries will range from a 3800 mAh battery to a 5000 mAh battery depending on the model.


Camera features matter to consumers and Samsung will potentially offer a great camera. Some reports say that Samsung is working out a collaboration with Olympus, which can mean an excellent camera on their latest phones. It is expected that much of the camera technology for this phone will be very similar to what consumers can expect from the iPhone 12 Pro Max.


Samsung fans are always very excited to see what this phone manufacturer has to offer with their new phones. The goal here offers some potential things that you can look forward to with the new phones from this brand.