Used Refurbished and how we do it.

We sell a variety of Used, and Refurbished Phones. Many customers ask us about the quality of the refurbishment.

So below we will try to explain what we actually do.

90% of our phones mostly require a thorough clean and just a new bezel or back cover. Few may require new glass replacements or other parts replaced. As a business we need to see how we can economically sell this product and grade it appropriately. Here at Handtec we only use Genuine parts.

Once this is done they are then graded as follows

Grade A , Excellent or Pristine really are the same. These should be in Excellent condition and have no marks or scuffs that are visible from 12 inches.

Grade Good – these are considered a good phone may have a few marks or scuffs but nothing major.

Anything else we will state in description.

At Handtec we process 100s of phones a day. To do this effectively we use special diagnostic software this checks all the internal ‘workings’ including Wifi , Bluetooth , Touch etc. The software can pinpoint any issues in a few seconds and is compatible with all models.

Most of the time customers may receive an excellent or good phone that has just been thoroughly cleaned. Its hasn’t needed parts replaced and just a few cosmetic detailing like covers or new sim trays.

Our grading procedure needs to be right otherwise returns can mount and be a costly affair.

Handtec has been operating for over 15 Years and our level of customer satisfaction means everything.

In May 2018 we have had a major overhaul of our website and warehousing systems. We hope this investment will build on our success.

Be it a new or used phone you are sure to find a cracking deal here at Handtec with customer service that rivals companies where you probably pay twice as much

Happy buying folks and hopefully its coming home* :)


(* this is reference to when England has reached the semi finals in the world cup at the time of writing this article. Only time will tell if we jinxed it)