New IOS 13 Coming

The new IOS 13 will simply change the way you make use of your iPhone daily. Currently, it is in a public beta testing phase. Indeed, IOS 13 brings a lot of new features to the table.

In this article, we put together the major features of the new update so that you can figure out whether to update to the public beta version or to wait until the final version arrives. It is expected that the final version of the update will arrive in September. Until then, read up what it will offer! 

Among our top favourite features, the Dark Mode stands at the first one. From a while, users have been requesting this feature so that they can finally get rid of the bright backgrounds. 

At the same time, editing photos has become far easier and the new Photos app may also take away the need for applications such as Lightroom. IOS 13 is compatible with iPhone 6S and phones later than that. At the same time, it will only work on iPad Air 2 and later devices along with iPhone SE and iPad mini 4. 

The older devices including the iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad mini 3, and iPhone 6 Plus will not have the update. So in case you own any of these devices, you will stay stuck at IOS 12 unless of course, you get a new device. 

Apple has also made several improvements and tweaks in the visual interface in the new update. Now, the home screen application menu will be smaller. Moreover, the long-press command may also work a little differently. Previously, a long-press used to prompt up a delete option. But now, it will open up a menu that includes battery-saving, rearrange apps, and connectivity options. This will be changed both on the iPhone and the iPad.

Moreover, FaceTime has also improved significantly. In the new update, when you are on a video call on Facetime, it looks as if you are looking straight into the camera while in reality, you are looking on the screen.

The IOS 13 makes its way to the iPad as iPadOS. This way, Apple has given us a signal that IOS needs a separate operating platform. This means that you can expect your iPad to have several improvements. For instance, you can view multiple applications all at once and navigate through them with greater ease. At the same time, the Split View option will allow users to split the iPad into two screens and open two different applications. This was not possible previously. Hence, big changes are your way in terms of multi-tasking.

Another interesting feature that IOS 13 is bringing to iPhones is the QuickType keyboard. This keyboard will allow you to make use of a swipe-to-type typing method, which is extremely convenient for both. The algorithm behind this keyboard is quite an intelligent one, which takes no time to adapt itself to the way you tend to communicate. Hence, it makes communication/texting very quick and easy.


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