Motorola Razr – The Iconic Clamshell Is Coming Back

Motorola Razr – The Iconic Clamshell Is Coming Back

Are you ready for the striking return of the iconic flip phone?


As the buzz about the revolutionary Samsung Galaxy X and iPhone foldable phone appears to intensify, insider reports suggest that Motorola is also gearing towards developing their very own handset with a foldable design.


A Blast from the Past


Featuring a cool trendsetting clamshell design and a backlit keypad, the Motorola Razr phone is one of the most popular phones of all time which originally came out back in the year 2004. The phone has proved to be a major hit, selling millions of units from the year 2004 to 2006.


Now, it looks like we will be having a blast of nostalgia coming in the future with rumors of the well-loved Motorola Razr phone reboot.


Sources suggest that Motorola is working on a foldable smartphone streaming from a patent which the company has filed for at the US Patent Office. According to leaked information from the patent filed, it appears that the new Motorola handset will feature flexible hinges and a two screen system which allows the handset to work as a single screen once folded and at the same time it can be folded out into a tablet. The phone is also said to sport out two cameras. One camera is supposedly placed on the front left, designed to work in the phone mode while the other camera is said to be strategically placed at the top right such that when unfolded into a tablet mode the cameras can be used for the purpose of a dual camera system.


The patent was actually filed by Motorola back in May 2017. Remarkably, in February 2017, Motorola’s CEO has also strongly hinted about their intent to reintroduce and revamp the iconic Razr design.


It should be noted though, that the patent application is not a surefire indication that a Motorola Razr reboot is really underway. But, for those who have followed, the idea of a refreshed Razr version has been developed several years before. Although for some reasons the idea was abandoned. If anything, most probably it is likely due to the fact that in the recent years people are more into phones with larger screen displays.


However, as asserted by Motorola’s CEO and fueled by the leaked patent information, several sources are claiming that a Motorola Razr comeback will not be very far from happening. Thanks in part for the ever-expanding smartphone innovations and available technologies, as well as the growing competition of smartphones in the market.

So, Are We Expecting a Reboot or an Entirely New Motorola Razr?

With the patent leaks and a number of insider reports coming out, the comeback of the Motorola Razr seems to be closer to reality after all.


Still, the million dollar question remains to be whether we will be seeing an upgraded Motorola Razr version in its original style factor or we should be expecting an entirely new style with the Motorola Razr branding - or, perhaps we will be seeing both. Judging from the leaked patent details the latest Razr will most likely feature a newfangled take on the iconic flip phone.

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