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LG Phones Evolution


LG phones have gone through quite an evolution over the years. The manufacturer has tried different things over the years and sometimes this has worked and it other times it has not. they have made game-changing Innovations at certain points and resorted to gimmicks at other point. Here is a look at LG phone evolution over the years.


2007 LG Prada


This phone featured a UI which was Flash based.  It was a 3-inch phone but it had a large impact on how we use our smartphones in today's environment. This phone was the first one that had anactive touch screen. The ouch screens back then responded to pressure that you put on them. They could be quite non-responsive as well as very inaccurate. The touchscreen they created was capacitive so you didn't need to use a stylus and you could use your fingers to get things done on your phone. This was quite an innovation in that year and a big part of why this phone was successful.


2011 LG DoublePlay


This was an LG smartphone that was the first to run the Android operating system. It launched with the original Android 1.5 system and then it had an upgraded to the 2.2 system. It had a simple sliding a keyboard, but the company wanted to make things a little more interesting, they added another secondary display in the slider keyboard. It might have seemed like a good idea but the design was quite awkward and very bulky. It suffered from a poor call quality and the only good thing about it was that it had a unique design with the secondary display feature


2013 LG G Flex


This Smartphone feature to curved screen which was bendable. Samsung had the Galaxy Round smartphone, but this Smartphone could actually bend. When you put the smartphone down on table and then press down, the phone flattens out and doesn't break. This phone has a nice design and look to it and is more solid than other smartphones. It's another step in the evolution of LG smartphones.


2015 LG V10


Smart phone launched in 2015 and was a little on the expensive side. It featured a 5.7 display, but there was also a small screen above this which is a unique feature. It also had two front facing cameras.


2016 LG G5 2016


This Smartphone had two front cameras and two screens. This Smartphone was a mainstream phone and a high-end model. it was well designed and executed well. it featured great camera quality as well as audio quality.  it has allowed the LG smartphone to compete with both Android and iPhone models, although it's still not quite as good.


LG continues to be a leader in smartphones and is always coming up with new and a different designs. While not all of their designs have been successful, they are still trying to innovate and make their phones unique and different then the standard iPhone and regular Android phones. They have made some poor phones over the years, but they're starting to make phones that are a little bit more reasonable and well put-together


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