Journey of Nokia

Journey of Nokia

Nokia has been in business for many years. They used to produce tires, paperproducts, communication cables, televisions, rubber boots, and other products. in the 80s they even made computers before they sold that company to Fujitsu.


Nokia Phones

During the 1970s Nokia became involved in the Telecommunications industry. They developed a product called the Nokia DX 200, which was a switch for the telephone exchanges at the time. It was fault-tolerant, versatile, scalable, and modular. In1991, the first 2G call was made by using the Nokia 1011 and later on they produced the Nokia 1011.  In 2000 the 3210 had interchangeable covers and picture messaging. This phone became very popular at that time and in the early 2000s, this was a good sign for the Nokia company. They had too many hits during this time. In 2002, the 6650-phone released which was the first phone in the world to feature 3G.


Nokia Problems

While Nokia had a good time in the phone industry, they begin to run into problems in 2003 as they started to experiment with designs. The N-Gage was a phone that was designed to focus on the gaming industry, but it didn't do very well in the market. This focused the management to make some decisions that caused the company to move backwards. It was not able to stay competitive as other companies were releasing newer smartphones. at this time, the iPhone from Apple and the Android system began to become quite popular. The operating system that Nokia had was called Symbian OS and it was just not able to stay competitive with those companies.


Nokia Market Decline

They released the Nokia 5800 and several other smartphones but they did not have much success. The team began to battle internally and they tried to upgrade the Symbian OS system with the new OS system called MeeGo as they tried to get back into the market. If the company had adopted the Android system during this time, they probably would have done it much better. In 2011, to try and gain back some market share, Nokia decided to partner with Microsoft. The Windows mobile OS system at this time did not have enough applications to compete with Android and the iOS system. In 2013 Microsoft decided to take over Nokia, but this failed and they were not able to do anything with the company. Nokia tried to stay competitive over the next couple of years but we were unable to do so


Nokia Today

In the year 2016, Microsoft mobile sold It's Nokia stake to HMD Global which was a company created by a former Nokia executive. In 2016 Nokia was able to demonstrate a 5G ready network and in Oulu, Finland, they carried out a 5G connection test in 2017.Nokia decided to enter into a long-term licensing contract with HMD to sell Nokia phones. In 2017 they announce the android-based Nokia 6 smartphone.


The Nokia brand has struggled over the years but they are now developing new mobile phones via HMD Global and their portfolio is beginning to become healthy again. In January 2018 they signed a deal with NTT Docomo, which is the largest mobile operator in Japan. By the year 2020, they will be providing 5G radio stations in that country.


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