Buy Apple iPhone X Used and Refurbished

Beautiful Device Design

While the screen ratio s definitely larger than the device ratio in the Apple iPhone X, it still delivers a beautiful body that fits perfectly into your hand. Considerably slim and sleek, the body has been developed using unique smartphone architecture. The curves and rounded corners make for an aesthetic device. 
Furthermore, the device has been manufactured with durable glass. The entire device body is of glass, which adds to the class of the Apple iPhone X. The body is water and dust resistant; making it the phone of our times.

Camera Phone
One feature that everyone wants the best of on any smartphone is the camera. Apple iPhone cameras are known for their quality and precision. And the Apple iPhone X camera delivers on it. A tiny section on the front of the phone contains the TrueDepth camera, which has been developed using sophisticated technology by Apple experts. It ensures great selfies and unique face ID technology.
The Apple iPhone X comes with the signature back camera too. It features a larger and faster 12MP sensor along with a new color filter. You will now be able to capture pictures with deeper pixels. Also, the Apple iPhone X contains a new telephoto camera with OIS. Your photography could not be easier and classier than this.
Additional Features

• Fast face recognition
• Gestures for navigation
• Animoji

Buying Refurbished Apple iPhone X
You can also get your hands on the Apple iPhone X and enjoy its unique experience. HandTec sells refurbished smartphones at cheap rates; ensuring you receive the models in great conditions. The Apple iPhone X is a popular choice among our many customers. It is available in an unlocked and SIM-free condition. 
Our used smartphones are tested for any functional faults. We select pieces that are in a healthy condition both externally and internally. 
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