Best Android Games

The Google Play Store offers dozens of free games to enjoy. However, in case you choose to pay a nominal amount of fee for some games, you may be able to enjoy mobile gaming at its best. 


There is a range of gaming applications on the Play Store that offer a unique gaming experience, but for a small price. However, the overall value that many of these applications offer, surpasses their price drastically. 


The games that we have highlighted in this article can a bought for worth less than a pint. Moreover, all of these games have been tested by our experts to ensure that they do really offer what they promise to. 


At a price point of £1.49, Endless Runners is a game that will keep you hooked for hours. Hence, it is the perfect way to kill some free time. 


In this games, you pilot a small ship through a deadly cavern at a blazing speed. Sometimes, the alarms go off as a warning of projectiles incoming. All in all, it is you, as a user who controls the reaction of the ship to move up and down. 


The entire point? To save the ship from crashing into one of the many giant asteroids flying your way. Being extremely thrilling, this game carries a lot of replay value. Hence, in this case, an investment of £1.49 can go a long way in terms of entertainment. 


The Pinball has remained the top favorite of most millennials as a child. This was one of the many fascinating games that could be found pre-installed on the Windows.


PINOUT is somewhat similar, but not exactly. In this game, users smash a ball that goes on ever onwards while the timer continues to count down. The table is a neon corridor, which includes a number of flippers and ramps. Moreover, each of the sections is more like a miniature table which involves a puzzle that you must solve quickly. 


This game is simple, yet extremely thrilling. At the same time, a number of mini-games and bonuses add up to the fun. 


While this game can be downloaded for free, a small investment of 2.69 pounds can buy you permanent checkpoint restarts. In the free version, however, you will have to play to the end in a single sitting. 



Super Hexagon is a survival game, which looks like it has been reimagined by a maniac. This game involves a small aircraft present in an empty space, surrounding all over by a large number of walls that are closing in very rapidly. 


As a user, the only option that you have is to drag right or left, going through the games, and surviving until the inevitable demise. Then again, the screen spins and lurches as if the entire setting is in a strange washing machine. 


In order to make things interesting, the colors and patterns in the game shift drastically every 60 seconds, while the speed increases. This essentially keeps your attention span constant and keeps things exciting for you.