Android Tips #2

Android Tips


Got an Android? It has a lot of cool stuff on it and has some features that could be considered better than the iPhone. The Android is a fun tool that provides shortcuts to the little things. There are also little tips to extend those tricks with things you may not know of. Here is a rundown of a few of them and how to achieve it.


Volume Settings


The Android features the basic sounds of ring tones, notifications, alarms, and media. In the Settings and Sounds menu, these audio sounds can be individually adjusted. But there is a shortcut to that. Touch the volume buttons on the side to make the sound lower or higher and wait for a small box to pop up on the screen. You will see which volume setting is changing; on the side of that, there is a small arrow. Tap it and the box will open to show multiple volume adjusters at once, saving an extra touch to Settings.


One App, All Phone Sharing


The concern we have when lending our phone to others is them being nosy and looking through any private info. With screen pinning, you can lock the phone to the one app it is running on and can only be unlocked when the code is typed. The user won't access any other apps of the phone unless they know the code. Screen pinning is at Settings, then Security, and then enable screen pinning. Turn it on and then open the app that needs to be used. Tap the square navigation button below the screen and you will see a pin icon in the corner. Tap the pin and put it on the selected app to the screen.


Status Bar


The status bar is on the top of the screen display that shows notifications, phone's signal strength, and battery life. There’s a hidden settings menu where users can choose which icons will be in the status bar. This is only available in recent Android versions. To use it, swipe down from the top with two fingers to see the Quick Settings icon in the top right, then press and hold for a few seconds. A message will pop up that says it has been enabled. At Settings, it should say, "System UI Tuner." Tap on this, then choose Status to choose which icons will be in the status bar.


One-Handed Mode


It’s bigger than before and nothing in terms of cutting its size will make it possible to go one-handed. So, the Android has a special one-handed mode that users can switch to. Pixel or Nexus has this keyboard as the default typing option; Samsung and LG phones, have to download Google’s version and then make it the default keyboard. Open the keyboard and tap and hold on the backslash key, then drag it up to the right-hand icon to enable one-handed mode. There may be other one-hand modes, but Google has the easiest one to used.


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