All about the IOS 11 and IOS 12

Everything about iOS 11

Apple launched iOS 11 in September 2017 andthis update brought many new powerful feature improvements to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.We will elaborate more on the features introduced, but to give you a basic overview, some feature improvements included updates to AirPlay 2, camera, photos, Siri, maps, machine learning, and more.

Ever since its launch in September 2017, many bugs have been detected. For instance, the autocorrect bug while typing changes the word “it” to I.T, a text message bug could cause the iPhone to crash, and photos not displaying correctly. To fix bugs, Apple has been making regular improvements throughout the year -the latest bug fix and improvement version is 11.4.1.  

Going from the latest version (11.4.1) to the farthest version (iOS 11), the following are few highlights of iOS 11:

iOS 11.4.1 Update

Security updates and improvements with Exchange accounts

iOS 11.4 Update

  • Improved Airplay 2
  • Updates to the HomePod stereo pair setup
  • Setting to enable messages to be stored in iCloud
  • Fixes made to iBooks, messages, accessing files, data syncing, CarPlay audio, and more

iOS 11.3.1

  • Updates made to touch input to enhance phone security.
  • Apple recommended users to use genuine parts while addressing visual quality issues.

iOS 11.3

  • Introduced new feature ARKit 1.5. to enhance Augmented Reality
  • iPhone Battery Health (Beta) display information
  • Added four new Animojis on iPhone X
  • Privacy statement link
  • New music video experience and updates to Apple Music 
  • EnhancedKeyboards

iOS 11.2.6


Fixed bugs related to character sequences and third-party apps that could cause apps to crash

iOS 11.2.5

  • Updates made to Siri – it can now read news
  • Better HomePod support
  • Fixes made toissues related to call list display, Exchange accounts, VoiceOver, CarPlay, and more

iOS 11.2.2

Apple provided a security update to all users

iOS 11.2.1

Update made to Home app

iOS 11.2

  • Update made to Apple Pay Cash for the US only
  • Update made to wireless charging, wallpapers, HealthKit, Exchange accounts, real-time text (RTT) phone calls, VoiceOver, and many more

iOS 11.1.2

  • Update made to touch to make it responsive in lower temperatures
  • Fixes made to Live Photos and videos captured with iPhone X

iOS 11.1.1

Fixes made to keyboard auto-correct and Siri

iOS 11.1

  • Updates made to Emojis, Photos, VoiceOver
  • Fixes made to 3D Touch, GPS location data, Mail notifications on locked screens, Apple Watch app, and more

iOS 11

  • New designed App Store
  • Siri includes translations and more
  • Camera Portrait mode and videos redesigned
  • Updated Maps
  • Automatically silence the phone when driving
  • New features specifically for iPad

These are just a few highlights of the iOS 11 version. To get a full list of updates visit:

To get the latest features on your phone, you must ensure to update your phone. Depending on the country, some of the features may not be available on your phone. For more details on this, visit

Apple intends to get more powerful and stable features in the upcoming release version which is iOS 12, due to release sometime in September 2018. Visit get a preview of what features are coming your way.


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