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    You can contact Handtec in the following ways

    • Eticket - Simply raise a ticket and you can login to view responses. All message will remain grouped together for easy viewing and reference use the contact form below or use the helpdesk in your account page
    • Telephone - +44 1733 298500 Phone lines open between 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. (Excluding Bank Holidays)
    • Live Chat - May be available during office opening times. When online the live chat widget will appear at the bottom of this website.
    • Post - We operate from a purpose built office / warehouse, GPSK Limited , 64 - 66 , Werrington Business Centre, Papyrus Road , Peterborough , PE4 5BH
    • Fax - Our fax number is +44(0)845 2804953
    • In Person - If you need to see us please call the Telephone number above.
    Contact Information.
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    You can contact Handtec in the following ways:

    • Free quick quotes, Low prices
    • Discounts on bulk orders
    • ISO 9001 Certified

    Handtec currently provide corporate credit accounts to a number of organisations from small businesses to Local Governments and Services. All accounts will have pre-arranged credit terms and the accounts creation will be subject to official credit checks and evaluation by our accounts team.

    European business looking for zero rate VAT orders Please click here

    In the event that an account is required we advise that all corporate customers contact our accounts team directly using the form below -

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    Here at Handtec we believe in bringing you the latest technology before anybody else, the products we sell are tailored to make your life easier, more entertained and more organised, more importantly we will make sure have the technology in your hands first.

    Handtec have been leading consumer electronics nearly a decade, providing customers with the latest audio and visual equipment, cutting edge computing technology, the best entertainment devices on the market, high and low end mobile phones and practically anything that will enrich your everyday activities.

    We believe in honest customer service and efficient purchase and delivery processes; we aim to ensure that in choosing Handtec you will receive the best possible all round purchase experience and on the occasions that something may go wrong we feel our support and experience will be sufficient to resolve even the biggest of issues with minimal inconvenience. Choosing Handtec for your technology needs will be a choice that you will not regret.

    Our Details

    Handtec is owned and operated by GPSK Ltd VAT registration #: 819099691 GPSK Ltd is a registered company in England & Wales - Company #: 4736400

    Postal Address

    GPSK Ltd
    64 - 66 Werrington Business Centre
    Papyrus Road
    PE4 5BH
    United Kingdom

    Tel: +44(0)8456 447727 / +44(0)1733 298500 (Local Rate) 10am - 5.30pm GMT

    Email us via our contact us form here

    Handtec will deal with your enquiries most effectively by email. This allows Handtec to document all correspondence and should be your first point of contact.

    The Handtec customer services team operates 5 days a week (Mon-Friday) from 9am - 6pm GMT email: Click Here

    The following information is an agreement applicable to all customers of handtec.co.uk between those who obtain services and products sold upon www.handtec.co.uk and GPSK ltd (handtec.co.uk). Terms and Conditions will be applicable to all whom visit www.handtec.co.uk and/or make a valid purchase upon the website or by phone. Your information will be stored and used in an appropriate manner in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

    The Contract of Sale is formed between Handtec and You(The Customer) upon completing and submitting the electronic order form through our website or any orders placed on the phone, you will be agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions and are making an offer to purchase goods from GPSK Limited. Our acceptance to your offer will only be considered complete at the time we send the despatch confirmation e-mail or once an SMS containing the same information is sent to you, on some occasions it may be the case that completion is when the goods you ordered are despatched, whichever scenario happens first.

    If for any reason your order is rejected before we accept your offer and payment has been taken, a full refund will be made immediately. Any goods upon the same order which we have not confirmed in the despatch confirmation e-mail or SMS that have not been despatched to you do not form part of the binding contract between you and GPSK Limited.

    1.1 Age Related Sales

    All orders placed by those under 18 years of age must be with the consent of a parent or carer with any subsequent information given by the child to be done so with the consent of a parent or carer. We also require the card holder to be available in order to give information in cases where an individual under 18 years of age is placing an order. The Contract of Sale is only upheld providing the aforementioned terms are upheld.

    1.2 Unauthorised Sales

    Handtec will endeavour to process all orders efficiently and effectively, should we believe an order has been placed without the cardholder/account holders permission then the order will be temporarily held pending clarification of this information – see point 3.1 for further information. In the event an order is confirmed fraudulent the payment provider will be contacted and the contract of sale voided.


    All sales will be commenced directly through the Handtec.co.uk website, this site is the only valid location where authorised sales by Handtec will be commenced and the goods and services provided by Handtec (GPSK Ltd) will be shown only upon this website.

    2.0.1 Handtec.co.uk will advertise products on the aforementioned web page; products will contain an accurate description of the goods being sold as per the manufacturers standard specifications; Handtec will not be accountable for human error in relation to product information but will ensure that any problems caused as a result of this will be corrected at no cost to the customer. Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual Product you receive.
    2.0.2 All products will have a clear and concise indication of stock, Handtec reserve the right to alter this stock information at any point during the order process; Customers would be contacted should this have an effect upon their order.
    2.0.3 By placing an order with Handtec you are indicating that you have read and agreed to the websites terms and conditions and have the capacity and authorisation to make said order.
    2.0.4 All customers of Handtec will be required to make an account in order to proceed with a purchase of goods from our website.
    2.0.5 All orders placed will be subject to the current rate of UK VAT unless the following is applicable –

    • Your order is being delivered outside of the EU Zone or where UK VAT is not applicable by law.
    • You have supplied us with a valid and verified VAT number during the order process and are having the item delivered within the EU Zone but outside of the UK.
    • You have a valid reason to be exempt from VAT and in this situation relevant documentation will be required and the purchase will have to adhere to Government legislation i.e. VAT Relief for Disabled people, Overseas British forces (BFPO Addresses)

    Should the Customer pay by credit card, his/her card will not be charged until the goods are shipped. Should the order be partly shipped, the value for the goods shipped will be charged.
    Payments made using the PayPal or Google-Checkout payment methods will be charged in full &immediately, regardless of whether the order is fully or partly fulfilled upon the initial delivery.

    2.1 Order Security

    If you would like to have your item delivered to an address which is not registered to the credit/debit card our security team will contact you. In some cases we will require further security information and identification to be provided by the customer who will need to email the required information to our security team.

    Handtec will at times request further information* to validate a purchase, this information will be assessed by our expert security team and then destroyed.

    Handtec is governed by its own discretion and Handtec reserves the right to decline an order at any point during the order process.

    *Further information will be defined by each individual order and may vary – Handtec will require at times a form of ID to validate customer address and payment details, at times Handtec will require the customer to contact their payment issuer for further information.

    2.2 Payment Methods

    Handtec currently accepts a wide range of payment methods, each payment method will be subject to the same order security checks and Handtec will withhold the right to take full payment for the goods ordered at any point during the order process.

    The available payment methods are as follows:

    • Debit Card/ Credit Card (Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard)
    • PayPal payments will be processed in Sterling GBP (£) and the applicable conversation rate is required to be paid by the customer.
    • Google Checkout– This payment method will require a new Google wallet account to be created if you do not have a previous payment account registered with Google
    • Cheques – Full payment is required to clear prior to goods being dispatched
    • Bank transfer – Full payment will be required before an order is dispatched – all customers are required to cover and charges made by both the sending and the receiving bank.

    2.3 Handtec Price Match Policy

    We will strive to match any legitimate price for a product that you have seen cheaper elsewhere. Handtec product prices may change prior to shipping, we would be willing to price match any drop in price on a purchased item with any updated pricing shown on the Handtec.co.uk website providing the item has not yet been shipped. We would be unwilling to match a change in price on our website should the item have already been shipped.

    Whilst we will do our very best to match prices, it may not always be possible.

    In order to apply for a price match we will like the following criteria’s to be met

    • The item has to be sold by an official UK retailer.
    • Product will need to be in stock at time of price match.
    • The product comes with the same warranty and support.
    • We will require the link showing the cheaper product to be supplied.
    • Product(s) is not promotional or part of a promotion i.e. Group deals
    • The Product(s) is the same specification, a current model and not refurbished (Except where applicable)
    • The Product(s) is not from a discontinued line or clearance section.
    • That the product(s) is not from an auction site (e.g. eBay)
    • The delivery terms are the same as those offered by Handtec

    For all price match queries that adhere to the above conditions please contact us by email or call us upon our sales line.

    Handtec Sales Line - 0845 644 7727
    Handtec Email Support - Click Here


    Handtec will always strive to meet your delivery requirements; we use a wide range of respected courier services and can delivery to most locations without any problems.

    The courier services we use are as follows –

    • DPD – We use this service for both UK and EU deliveries – Full tracking is available and for UK deliveries an *SMS along with an email with tracking is always supplied.
    • Royal Mail – We use Royal Mail services for both UK shipments and International Packages. This service can be selected by international customers whilst it is also our preferred service for deliveries to Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and low value UK packages.
    • FEDEX – This service is a priority international delivery option and can be chosen by customers who require packages to be delivered worldwide within 2-5 days.
    • UPS - As per FedEx this is a similar service and provides International customers with a speedy priority delivery service.
    • DHL – This is a budget priority mail service; it is a better value service compared to the FedEx/UPS delivery options but normally ensures international customers received packages within 3-5 days.
    • Parcelforce –We use this service for international shipments to a number of countries.

    All delivery times are stated in working days and do note that in the case of delivery a working day is classed as any day other than weekends or public holidays. Please see the bottom of this page for all courier contact details

    *A valid mobile phone number will need to be supplied for this facility

    3.1 Delivery address

    Items are sent to the stated delivery address provided by the customer on the online order form or over the phone by the customer.

    Should the delivery address differ from the invoice address, the Customer is to provide both addresses when placing the order, both online and on the phone.The parcel will be shipped to the delivery address specifically indicated on the form.

    3.2 Failed Delivery Attempts

    In the event of a failed delivery, depending on the circumstances and the carrier's policy, the Customer may receive a note of passage i.e., "calling card" in his/her mailbox. If indeed the courier has left a note, the Customer will need to call the carrier in order to arrange a new delivery date, if the Customer does not contact the courier service the item will automatically be attempted delivery the following working day for up to and sometimes surpassing 2 delivery attempts with the exception of Royal Mail packages, these items will require collection after the initial delivery attempt. It also might occur that the Customer does not find a calling card in this caseit is the Customer's responsibility to track his/her orders online with the provided tracking information upon the carrier's website, in order to view package status information and inform either the courier or Handtec customer services of any issues as soon as possible. Should the package not be re-attempted, collected or delivered to and/or by the customer the package will be returned to Handtec where a redelivery fee will be applicable.

    3.3 Late Delivery

    At times a parcel may not be delivered within the expected time allotment or stated delivery time frame given by the carrier and/or Handtec and the delay extends too long we would expect the Customer to contact Handtec in order to open an inquiry to establish the whereabouts of the parcel, i.e. the parcel may be lost/stolen/missing.

    Please do note that in the case of delivery a working day is classed as any day other than weekends or public holidays.

    3.4 Loss of the parcel

    Should such a situation arise, Handtec is compelled to respect the time-frames set by the carriers in regard to declaring the loss of the package, processing a claim with the courier and then refunding the shipment or replacing the item for the customer. Hence, the Customer is also bound to the same time-frames:
    In order for Handtec to officially declare a parcel lost, the Customer has 2 days to declare the loss of a parcel in the UK or starting from the date he or she received the shipment confirmation e-mail. beyond this time period, no claim will be accepted. *Please note that for International shipments this will be extended in accordance with the courier service you select, we require notification within 2 days of the delivery estimation date.

    Should the parcel be declared as lost within the above mentioned time, Handtec will attend to filing a claim with the carrier and may eventually ask the Customer for additional documents to complete the composition of the file's content. The Customer will then need to send the information as soon as possible.

    The final response related to claims is given by the carrier within a one to three-week period. The nature of the response can be one of two types: either the parcel is found and then sent back to the Customer by standard procedure, or the parcel is declared as lost by the carrier and Handtec informs the Customer. In this case, and in accordance with the customer's wishes, Handtec can make a second shipment of the order or proceed by fully refunding the Customer for the total amount paid.

    3.5 Receipt of parcel

    When the items are delivered to the Customer, you will be asked to sign for the goods as acknowledgment of receipt. If a parcel comes partly or totally damaged, the Customer's reservations must be written on the delivery note in the presence of the carrier.
    Should no reservation be mentioned, the parcel is considered as delivered in good condition and no subsequent claims or complaints will be accepted by Handtec. Should the customer want to preserve recourse against the courier, he/she must put in a claim in writing to the courier within 3 days (public holidays excluded) following the day of delivery. This claim must be sent by registered letter with a form for acknowledgment of receipt.
    Any unclaimed parcel that is returned to Handtec can be sent back to the Customer provided that they repay the delivery fees. Should there be any issues with the package relating to contents, missing or otherwise we would need to be notified within 48 hours of the time of delivery to ensure legitimacy of this claim, otherwise Handtec would be unable to take any further action.

    3.6 Exports/Customs

    The Customer should check with the local authorities of their country of residence about the entry conditions for the ordered items. It is the Customer's responsibility to make the necessary declaration(s) and/or payment(s) to the appropriate authorities and or officials in their respective country.
    The Customer should inquire to local authorities on the legalities of importing or using the services and items ordered. Should the customer not accept or reject payment of import taxes or duties then a charge will be applied for the cost of the return delivery and the original delivery of the item, the charges will be removed from the customers refund upon return of the package.

    The Customer should make sure that the technical specifications detailed by the manufacturer respect the legislation of their respective country.
    Handtec cannot be held liable if the Customer does not respect the legislation of the country in which the items will be introduced.
    Handtec will ensure all documents that are required to be provided by Handtec i.e. FCC Forms will be inclusive with applicable parcels as standard.


    We hope that you will be happy with any purchase you make from Handtec. However we understand that at times items may not be as expected and should you wish to return an item, you may do so within the timescales and conditions outlined below.

    4.1 Handtec Distance Selling Regulations

    All online purchases are subject to distance selling regulations; this allows Customers to purchase an item from our website and then return the item should it not be required and/or not expected for full refund within 14 Calendar days of receipt. To enable this we require the item to be returned with a proof of purchase, in an resalable 'as new' condition and in accordance with the Handtec returns policy.

    If you are returning a product, you must confirm your order number or supply proof of purchase.

    If we are unable to verify your proof of purchase, we regret that we will be unable to issue a refund or exchange. Your statutory rights are unaffected.

    If you choose to return an item, please do take care of it whilst it is in your possession. Please return your unused product; with the original packaging, accessories and manuals. Promotional bundles must be returned in their entirety in order for this to be refunded. See below for exclusions:

    Distance Selling Regulations specifically excludes the following:

    - Opened entertainment products (computer software, movies, music, video games, memory cards and USBs) as these will be deemed used;
    - Products purchased with a subscription contract (unless purchased at distance, where you must inform us of your intent to return within 14 Calendar days)
    - Mobile top-up cards;
    - Items ordered especially for you (i.e. from the manufacturer) 
    - Any items that we have had to modify to fit in with your installation requirements (e.g. items that have had holes drilled through them).

    In the event that the services are provided with your agreement prior to the end of this 14 Calendar day cancellation period, you lose your cancellation rights from the moment that the services are provided to you.

    If you return a used item, we reserve the right to refuse a refund or reduce the amount of money refunded for goods returned which show evidence of use beyond the handling necessary to see whether the goods are as expected

    For all goods purchased online and returned within 14 days we would expect all goods to be returned in a resaleable  'as new' condition and the goods must not have been used. This would require product seals, packaging and contents to be in-tact. We do understand that box seals would need to be broken to assess the item however we would request that due care and attention is taken not to damage the package when the seals are removed.

    When required, a cancellation can be made using the model cancellation/returns form within the ‘Product Returns’ Section of your Handtec account.

    The Model Cancellation form may be accessed through your account, please just click Login or My Account at the top of every page, and then enter your e-mail address and password, then proceed to the returns section of your account.

    A refund of all monies received, including the outbound delivery cost, within 14 days of cancellation of the services contract or within 14 days of receiving goods back will be processed as standard. If you are able to provide proof of return before you receive the goods back, you should receive a refund within 14 days of sending that proof.

    In the case of unwanted goods Handtec will not cover cost of the postage fee incurred to return the goods to us.

    Handtec currently offer a Free delivery service and this would be classed as our basic rate, please note that any difference in cost  between this and your original chosen delivery fee will not returned.

    In the case of faulty goods or incorect goods returned within 14 days, If you choose to have the goods delivered by more expensive means than the cheapest standard delivery option offered/available, you will not receive a refund of the full outbound delivery cost, but only the cost of the standard delivery option which could have been chosen.

    RETURN DELIVERY FEES: If the Customer decides to return their parcel by their own means, the refund of the expenses will not exceed the minimum delivery charge required by a trusted parcel service to return the item to us. Any service used above and beyond the standard rate will not be covered under this policy. Proof of posting will be required. Please ensure Handtec Customer Services are consulted prior to any return fees being paid. All postage refunds must be agreed with the Handtec Customer Service Team, in writing, prior to return.

    Where goods received are faulty or not fit for purpose or as described, customers will have different rights which are covered by the Return under warranty policies.

    It is our responsibility to supply you with the goods that meet your consumer rights.

    This Policy does not affect your legal rights.


    Returns and exchanges on all subscription services are determined by the provider and other cancellations may apply. Any cancellation period will be set out in your agreement with us or the subscription provider, as applicable.


    Should you wish to return an item, please follow one of the methods below:

    4.3.1 Contact Our Customer Services Team

    The simplest way to arrange a return is to email our Customer Services Team - Click Here

    4.3.2 Warranty Repair/Replace

    This warranty does not apply to any defect in the goods arising from the below –

    • Fair Wear & Tear
    • Wilful Damage
    • Accidental Damage
    • Negligence by the Customer or any third party.
    • Usage otherwise than as recommended by the Manufacturer
    • Failure to follow the Manufacturer’s instructions
    • Any alteration or repair carried out without the Manufacturers approval.

    This warranty or guarantee is in addition to your consumer rights.

    All new products sold by Handtec will have at least a 1 year manufacturer warranty (unless otherwise stated) which is effective from the delivery date. The full details of the term and what is covered will be with the instruction book with your product or upon the manufacturers’ website.

    4.3.3 Handtec Fair Returns Policy

    Handtec operate a fair returns policy, this allows customers who have a faulty item to have the item returned to us for repair, replacement or in some cases a refund. This policy does not affect nor incorporate the 14 Calendar day distance selling regulations policy.

    A Customer whose device is faulty within the warranty period will have the right to have their item returned for repair; Handtec require customers to ensure their return is authorised by our customer service team, this will require the Customer sending an email to our Customer Services team to identify the reason for return and the required action, after 14 days the outcome of this return will then be at the discretion of the Customer service team. After the return has been agreed a returns reference will be provided and you will be advised on how to return the item to us, all shipping and returns information will be supplied by our Customer Services Team. Any returns that are sent to Handtec without the knowledge or authorisation of the customer services team may be rejected.

    Handtec will not take responsibility for any returned items that were not requested by our returns team or purchased from Handtec, this includes SD cards/USB Cables/Cases etc... These items may be destroyed.

    4.3.4 Returning Goods to Handtec after 14 Days (FAULTY)

    Here at Handtec we are always sorry to hear of any problems that you may be having with your purchase. If a  fault occurs within 14 days of purchase then a refund or exchange would be available, should your product become defective after 14 days then your product may be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty period (Normally for a period of 12 months or more). In all cases where the product is returned to Handtec we would always need to assess and confirm the issue.

    Should a fault occur within the warranty period (after 14 days) then it would be processed under the manufacturers limited warranty terms.

    In all cases you may wish to visit the manufacturer's website or contact them directly, very often they may be able to offer troubleshooting and support for the issue you have with your product and this would result in a much swifter process.  Please see manufacturer contact details at the bottom of this page.

    As your point of sale, Handtec would always be able to assist in a return to our premises and we will then deal directly with the manufacturer on your behalf.

    Please be aware that items returned directly to us will experience a longer turnaround time than by contacting the manufacturer directly and that is why we would advise dealing with the manufacturer initially as you would have the problem resolved far quicker that way.

    When you return your device, (if applicable) you'll need to ensure that it's unlocked and free of security software that might prevent us from being able to access it.

    If the device is locked, disabled or out of warranty cover when you return it and we provide you with a replacement device, we may have to charge you the full cost of the device and / or not process a refund (if applicable):

    When returning goods to Handtec you'll also need to supply:

    All the original parts
    Any accessories or free gifts
    Certificates, manuals, and warranty cards
    Packaging (Box, Internal Packaging etc...)

    Once back with Handtec, providing this is within the warranty period and terms,  the item will be forwarded to the Manufacturer for assessment and subject to the outcome of this a replacement (In some cases this may be a manufacturer refurbished item) or repaired item will be returned to the consumer.

    All returned goods will be dealt with by Handtec Customer Services at their discretion and will be dealt with accordingly; Handtec will require all contents to be returned and to be in a good to new condition in the event that a refund has been agreed by a member of Handtec Customer Services. This must always be ageed prior to return.

    To contact our returns team, please just click Login or My Account at the top of every page, and then enter your e-mail address and password.

    If the item has been returned to Handtec directly then a return would be rejected or subject to associated charges should the item show any signs of the following –

    • Changes to the manufacturer standard settings
    • Attempts to tamper with manufacturer fixings or seals or software.
    • Any personal data upon the unit, removable or not.
    • Seals upon software have been broken
    • The device has non-standardised pin(unlock) code
    • Manufacturer content (Software) has been removed/deleted
    • The issues with the device are not covered by the manufacturers warranty

    *Handtec will not take responsibility for lost data as a result of returning a device for replacement/repair or refund

    If your return to the manufacturer does not conform to warranty standards and conditions this would be deemed outside of the manufacturers warranty. Handtec would then be unable to provide the remaining warranty on the product and a chargeable repair and assessment fee may be applicable by the manufacturer and/or Handtec for this and future repair work.

    This policy does not affect your statutory rights.


    4.3.5 Returning Goods to Handtec after 14 Days (NON-FAULTY)

    Here at Handtec we want to be sure that you are happy with your purchase and whilst we do not ordinarily accept unwanted goods back after 14 days, we may be able to make exceptions in certain circumstances.

    Contact us directly to discuss your return further. - contact@handtec.co.uk

    Please do note that in certain cases this will involve a fee being applied for this service

    This policy does not affect your statutory rights.



    In cases where your return is outside of the manufacturers warranty terms a charge may be applicable for the repair and/or the return of the Handset, these charges are variable and dependant on the individual manufacturer; the cost will be provided to the customer in a formal manner and will be required to be paid in order to have the faulty item repaired. Should the customer not wish to pay the repair fee there will be both an assessment fee, again determined by the manufacturer, as well as a returns cost; The returns cost will encompass both the cost for the manufacturer to return the item to Handtec as well as the value of Handtec shipping the item back to the customer.

    Upon the provision of a quote for a faulty repair by the manufacturer, the customer will be bound by a 7 day rejection period, should the repair and cost not be agreed within 7 days of the repair quote Handtec will ensure the item is returned to the customer with the aforementioned charges being applicable.

    Any repairs carried out on the item without the knowledge or authorisation of Handtec and the manufacturer will immediately void the warranty you hold upon the product.

    In cases where items are returned and no fault is found there will be a charge for the assessment and the return of the non-faulty item, this charge will be at the discretion of our returns team.

    DISPUTED CHARGES - Where due care has not been taken with the item and a repair fee is required, a charge may be applied based upon Handtec Customer Services and the manufacturers assessment. Should the customer disagree with this assessment then it may be possible to have an independent service centre assess your return. Should the outcome of this assessment be the same as the manufacturer then all associated charges will be forwarded to the customer. Refusal to make payment for these charges within 14 days may result in the manufacturer disposing of your item.

    RETURN DELIVERY FEES: If the Customer decides to return their parcel by their own means, the refund of the expenses will not exceed the minimum delivery charge required by a trusted parcel service to return the item to us. Any service used above and beyond the standard rate will not be covered under this policy. Proof of posting will be required. Please ensure Handtec Customer Services are consulted prior to any return fees being paid. All postage refunds must be agreed with the Handtec Customer Service Team, in writing, prior to return.


    All Handtec goods are covered by manufacturer warranty. If in the unlikely event your goods develop a fault please contact your countries product support centre first. Please see the bottom of this page for all contact details. However if no support is offered then the goods must be returned to Handtec within the warranty period at the customers cost. We will cover the cost of returning the item to us only if the item is faulty upon receipt by the customer. 

    NOTE: If the Customer decides to return their parcel by their own means, the refund of the expenses will not exceed £7.99.


    When you return a product, we’ll process your refund as quickly as possible and do our utmost to ensure this is within seven working days of when we receive and verify the item. When you return a product that you purchased using a credit card, the same card you used will be credited with the refund.

    Should you wish to return an item, please follow one of the methods below:


    The simplest way to arrange a return is to email our Customer Services team via the contact us form - Click Here


    When customers are sending goods to Handtec, liability of the package will remain with the customer up until the point of inspection, this is after delivery, we suggest all goods sent to Handtec are sent using a recorded and insured form of postage; Any loss physical/financial will not be covered by Handtec.

    Items damaged in transit en route to Handtec will be the customer’s responsibility and all claim requirements will be upon the Sender/Customer


    Handtec currently provide corporate credit accounts to a number of organisations from small businesses to Local Governments and Services. All accounts will have pre-arranged credit terms and the accounts creation will be subject to official credit checks and evaluation by our accounts team.
    Should the Handtec accounts team decide to reject a purchase upon a pre-existing account or reject the creation of an account then this will be at the discretion of the accounts team. All terms of Sale will be agreed in writing with our accounts team prior to the order being finalised. Should an agreement be made orally then we would be unable to guarantee the terms are upheld.

    5.1 Creation of an Account

    In the event that an account is required we advise that all corporate customers contact our accounts team directly using the email – Click Here

    The Handtec accounts team will then inform you of what action is required should it be possible to create an account for you. All corporate account holders will be in agreement with the Handtec terms and conditions when an account is created.

    All accounts will be created upon the evaluation of the Clientsdetails; this may involve a credit check being processed upon the approval of the Client.

    5.2 Placing an Order with a Corporate Account

    If you have a Credit Account with Handtec you will not be required to pay the full value of the order upon ordering but may pay for any Products ordered by you within 30 days of our invoice. In order to place an official order using a corporate account we will require an official Purchase Order to be sent to our accounts team via email or fax, receipt of this order will be acknowledged; should you receive no acknowledgement Handtec will not take responsibility for any delays caused as a result of the order not being fulfilled. All orders will only be processed subject to stock availability and you will be informed prior to the acceptance notice of the stock situation.

    5.3 Fulfilling an Order

    Handtec will use your selected courier to fulfil any order, any dates given as a result of this delivery will be an approximation and may be subject to change; any problems with the received goods will need to be notified within 48 hours of receipt by the customer. Terms of return will be agreed prior to dispatch with our trade or account team and this will be given in writing, otherwise standard timeframes – 7 working days – will be applicable for unwanted goods. To enable the goods to be returned we require the goods to be kept and held in the same condition as receipt, should the item be damaged upon receipt we require this to be signed for as Unchecked and the damage to be reported immediately to our trade team.
    Goods that are made to order, or may be specifically ordered to fulfil your order and are not part of our standard stock system will remove your right to cancel the order.

    5.4 Returning Goods

    All return agreements must be understood and agreed prior to raising a purchase order, otherwise you will be subject to our standard returns details – see point 4.3
    Should items be in an unwarranted condition after return, Handtec reserves the right charge for the appropriate repair of the item or reject the return. All returns will be subject to authorisation by our accounts team and we would require the return to be sent back to Handtec using a recorded form of mail.

    5.5 Payment of an Order

    Handtec will require payment with the stated terms (usually 30 days) and payment will be made in full for the agreed amount. Ownership of the item(s) will remain with Handtec until full delivery and payment has been made, we reserve the right to reclaim the items should the payment not be made as required.

    5.6 Inability to Make Payment

    Handtec understand that on some occasions payment may be made later than required, providing you contact and reach an agreement with the Handtec Accounts team this will be accepted, however should Handtec believe any of the following situations become applicable to the account holder (Company or Individual) then Handtec reserve the right to suspend or cancel current orders and/or deliveries or agreements between Handtec and the account holder.

    • An application is made to court, or an order is made, for the appointment of an administrator or if a notice of intention to appoint an administrator is given or if an administrator is appointed.
    • You are unable to make payment of your debts, or threaten to withhold payment of debts due or debts become due and/or are deemed unable to meet the requirements of your debts, this is in accordance with section 123 of the Insolvency Act 1986.
    • In the event that your creditor(s) takes possession of your assets.
    • You breach terms and agreements within our agreed contract.
    • In the event negotiations are made to reach an agreement with creditors over withheld debt that may threaten your integrity to uphold you contract with Handtec.
    • You are subject to an application or order for bankruptcy.
    • Death, illness or incapacity that renders you or your company incapable to deal with any aspect of this agreement.
    • Suspension or intended suspension of services or actions that could result in the foreclosure of your dealings as a company or individual and may threaten your ability to make payment for purchased goods or services.
    • Should Handtec have any reasonable doubt over your ability to meet the requirement and terms of this contract.
    • In the event that any of the above scenarios be applicable Handtec would be appreciative should the client inform us directly of this to avoid any attempts by Handtec to legally reclaim the sums owed in order to settle any outstanding credit.
    • For any detailed information surrounding account or trade enquiries please email our accounts team upon – Click Here – this will allow for clarification upon any issues surrounding corporate purchasing.


    • Promotional/Rebate codes are only valid online and need to be entered in the checkout process to obtain discount.
    • Promotional Codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers


    While we will use reasonable endeavours to verify the accuracy of any information we place on the Website or provide to You, We make no warranties, whether express or implied in relation to its accuracy.

    Images: Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

    We reserves the right to repossess any goods that have not been paid for in full and invoice You for any legal, delivery and restocking costs incurred. All trademarks published are the property of their respective companies. Handtec has the right to cancel orders where we deem the order to be fraudulent and also where delivery of products may not be fulfilled. In such cases a full refund will be issued.

    This agreement is governed by English Law and You and we submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

    Matters beyond our reasonable control

    If we are unable to provide this Service because of something beyond our reasonable control such as technical failure, lightning, flood, or exceptionally severe weather, fire or explosion, civil disorder, war, or military operations, natural or local emergency, anything done by government or other competent authority or industrial disputes of any kind (whether or not involving our employees), We will not be liable for this.

    Should any of the terms and conditions be deemed to be unenforceable in a court of law then the relevant section shall be removed from the terms of sale and the integrity of the remaining terms will be upheld.


    The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive is now UK law. The legislation aims to make producers pay for the collection, treatment and recovery of waste electrical equipment. The regulations also mean that suppliers of equipment like high street shops and internet retailers must allow consumers to return their waste equipment free of charge.

    The amount of WEEE we throw away is increasing by around 5% each year, making it the fastest growing waste stream in the UK.

    Much of the UKs WEEE ends up in landfill, where the lead and other toxins it contains can cause soil and water contamination. This can have a harmful effect on natural habitat, wildlife and also human health.

    Many electrical items that we throw away can be repaired or recycled. Recycling items helps to save our natural finite resources and also reduces the environmental and health risks associated with sending electrical goods to landfill.

    Distributors of new Electric and Electronic Equipment (EEE) have a part to play in reducing the amount of WEEE going into landfill sites.

    Handtec.co.uk is obliged under these regulations to offer our customers free take-back of their WEEE on a like-for-like basis when they buy a new Electrical or Electronic product from us.

    For example, if a customer bought a new Handheld Computer from us we would accept their old Handheld Computer and prevent it going into a landfill site by disposing of it safely. Customers must return their WEEE item to us within 30 days of purchasing their new item.

    Under the WEEE Regulations, all new electrical goods should now be marked with the crossed-out wheeled bin symbol shown below:

    Goods are marked with this symbol to show that they were produced after 13th August 2005, and should be disposed of separately from normal household waste so that they can be recycled.

    Battery Disposal

    Under the Waste Battery Regulations Handtec are now offering a take back scheme for all portable waste batteries. You can return your waste batteries in person at GPSK Ltd 64 66 Papyrus Road Peterborough PE4 5BH (Please do not post). Alternatively you can find your local waste portable battery recycling facility at www.recyclenow.co.uk


    Handtec reserve the right to make any amendment’s or changes to the terms & conditions of sale, the items represented on our website, policies or any aspect of our service. Customers will be subject to the terms of sale at the point of placing an order only and changes will only be applicable to Customers who purchase after any amendments have been made. Content shown on the Handtec website is done so with the permission of the creator and may not be copied or mirrored without the consent of Handtec.co.uk.

    Should you have any comments in relation to issues on our website, with our terms and conditions, our service or just a general query then please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Email: Click Here
    Tel 08456 447727 / 01733 298500 (Local Rate) 10am - 5.30pm GMT

    Manufacturer Contact Details



    0871 760 1000



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    Contact Handtec Customer Services for Blackberry Support



    Email Support only -  info@bluechipworl.biz 



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    Royal Mail

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    We hope that you will be happy with any purchase you make from Handtec. However we understand that at times items may not be as expected and should you wish to return an item.

    • Please login to your account page and click on Product Returns (left hand menu)
    • Click on 'Request new product return'
    • Select the relevant order
    • Fill in details and submit request

    Please do not send us any goods back until you receive a Returns number and instructions from us

    Repairs under warranty- For faulty goods that are still within their manufacturer warranty period, you may want to consider contacting the manufacturer of the product directly before contacting Handtec, this process is usually much quicker.

    All online purchases are subject to distance selling regulations; this allows Customers to purchase an item from our website and then return the item should it not be required and/or not expected for full refund within 14 days of receipt. To enable this we require the item to be returned with a proof of purchase and in accordance with the Handtec returns policy. Please see our terms & conditions for more information.

    Payment Methods

    SagePay:  Pay by debit or credit card. We will only charge your card once we ship your goods*. Secure all card details stored by the world leader in accounts - Sage.

    Paypal: World Famous payment system. Payment will be taken as order is placed

    Amazon Payments: Use your Amazon account to make payment.  We will only charge your card once we ship your goods*

    Bank Transfer: Deposit funds directly to our account using your order number as reference

    *Cards may be charged for security checks

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