What to Know About the iPhone 13

What to Know About the iPhone 13 

When you get the new iPhone in your grip and get used to all the features better than the one before, it isn’t long before you start wondering what new features the next model will have to offer. Though the iPhone 12 was just released in October, were already wondering about the iPhone 13. 

Though the next generation of iPhones has not yet been announced, there are some well-supported rumours about what the iPhone 13 will have to offer. 


Release Date 

We probably won’t know until sometime in January when the new iPhone will be set to be released. However, there are a couple theories that hold merit. 

It’s likely that the iPhone 13 will be launched around the same time they have in the past, leading us to believe this new version will be available in September of 2021. However, there is also a theory that they may compete with the release of the Galaxy S21, which is rumoured to be released towards the end of January, leading Apple to also release their new model in January of next year. 



There are also some rumours that suggest exciting new design aspects being included in the iPhone 13. 

One of these aspects is the impending, mystical feature of a foldable patent. Apple has made it clear of their interest to create a device with this feature, though it could just as possibly be a completely different device as opposed to the next model iPhone. 

The panel itself is also likely to be upgraded. This could quite possibly lead to a 120Hz Pro Motion display. 

There is also a rumour that the battery will be modelled in a more compact, tinier design, leading to a slimmer body. 


Additional Features 

The new model of the iPhone seems to always be sleeker and more innovative than the one before it. However, the iPhone 13 brings the promise of a couple other exciting features to top the other exciting design changes. 

This model will likely include an A15 Processor, creating a faster and more powerful processor than all its predecessors. 

If the best processor of them all isn’t exciting enough news, there’s likely to be an increase in the storage capacity of the iPhone 13. While storage has been known to be a problem with other iPhone models, this impending model is rumoured to have as much as 1TB of storage. 

The Takeaway

If you’re one of those people that jumps at the latest upgrades to the iPhone series, you’re far from being an anomaly. Though the iPhone 12 has some exciting, useful features, we know there’s even more to come with the iPhone 13. 

With the rumours of so much extra storage, a processor of the ages, and an even sleeker, more innovative model to exceed the last, there’s so much to look forward to when Apple officially releases their newest iPhone design.