What are SIM-Free Phones and unlocked phones

What are SIM-Free Phones and unlocked phones

You may have been in the market for a new phone and wallet-friendly payment but came across SIM-free phones as well as unlocked phones.  You find yourself wondering what it is and how is it cheaper, well you came to the right place.  

What is a SIM-Free Phone

A SIM-free phone is a phone without a SIM card.  Well what does this mean?  Well, it means that you do not have to have a contract with a network dealer.  If you wanted to change your network carrier right at this moment, you can.  Being able to change your provider can save you from being “locked” in a fixed contract, which will make your wallet happy because some providers become cheaper and you can switch to them especially when the budget is tight.  

Locked vs Unlocked 

Speaking of a locked phone, let’s talk about it.  No, I’m not talking about when your siblings change your phone password and now it is locked, I’m talking about the network.  When your phone is locked, that means that a network provider that you choose strikes a deal with you.  In order to get a cheaper phone or network, you have to have a contract with them so that they are your only network provider.  

An unlocked phone on the contrary, is a phone that was once a locked phone but can now switch network providers whenever.  

Locked phones and unlocked phones are very different.  For instance, you travel to this really nice beach on the opposite side of the world.  You plan and budget for your hotel, food, transportation, and entertainment.  What most people don’t plan for is the quite extensive fee your network provider gives you for using your service out of the country.  With the locked phone you can either not use your phone at all during your vacation or continue to use it but pay an unimaginable fee.  If you had an unlocked phone, you are able to change your network to a local network while you are on vacation, and then once you get back home change the network back.  So you were able to use your phone and not get charged an outrageous fee.  

Unlocked and Upgraded

Your colleagues at work are all getting the latest phone that just came out, and you still have your phone that you are starting to get tired of even looking at and want the newest phone too.  With an unlocked phone, you can upgrade and/or change the phone when you please, plus you don’t get stuck with that network symbol on the back of your phone.  It is free to be personalised by you.  




In summary, while the locked phone gives you a deal at first with the network provider, the unlocked phone and the SIM-free phone allow you to be free from any contracts and be able to save you some fees, especially if you love to travel.  You are free to upgrade and change networks that became too costly or didn’t fit your needs.  

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