The OnePlus 6T

Everyone’s excited to find out more about the OnePlus 6T.  Though the phone won’t launch until end of October, there’s been rumors and supposed “official leaks” about its design, features and battery life. So far, this is what the gadget gurus have been saying.

OnePlus 6T Design

Is it just us, or do the leaked photos make  OnePlus 6T look like the long lost twin brother of the Oppo R17? The two phones seem to have similar shape and feel.

But nevertheless, it does look sleek, and makes good use of the teardrop notch to encase the front-facing camera to give you extra screen space.   And while it is a wide phone, the rounded edges keep it from looking very clunky. 

 One Plus 6T Features

 For many users who mostly use the phone for watching videos or playing videos, screen size and memory are really important features. The One Plus 6T will sport a  6.4-inch AMOLED screen, with full  HD+ resolution (2340×1080 pixels). The designers also made sure to give you as much available screen space, with an excellent 91.5% screen-to-body ratio.

Though the phone won’t have a microSD card expansion (after all, that feature wasn’t available in its predecessor OnePlus 6) you get to pick from 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

Other notable features are the fingerprint reader, and (to the disappointment of many people) the lack of a headphone jack. It’s an odd move, since that was one of the most popular features, but several sources have confirmed that the OnePlus 6T is going wireless and develop quality Bluetooth and USB headphones. According to OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, “We are not doing it for the sake of doing it and because everyone else is. We believe now is the right time, as it’ll benefit the majority of our users while keeping the downside low.”

The phone will also not be water-resistant, since the company does not feel that this is a feature that users really need. Why pay more for a phone that can be dunked into water, when common sense tells us not to bring it with us when we go swimming? Pei has said repeatedly in interviews that they have tried to keep the phone at a reasonable price range by focusing on features that make the most impact and foregoing extras that are only good for marketing.

OnePlus 6T Battery life

One of the benefits of removing the headphones is that it could significantly increase the phone’s battery life. There will be more internal space for them to ship it with a bigger and more powerful battery, and invest in technology that makes a bigger impact on the users’ ability to enjoy the phone – such as more hours of play per charge.

According to reports, the battery will increase from 3300mAh to 3700mAH. Unfortunately it will not have any wireless charging capabilities, but the company said that will definitely be a feature in their future models.