The Latest iPhone Update iOS15

iOS 15.1: What Does the Future Hold?

The operating system iOS 15 has already seen praise and it promises so much for Apple Watch, Apple iPad, and Apple TV. Surprisingly enough, there is already new versions of 15 pushing their way onto the market, with the update, 15.1 beta versions in the hands of beta testers. Newer versions of 15 will help to fix bugs, errors, and any issues surrounding the original, which might encourage more to move onto this operating system. So, what does the future hold with iOS 15.1, and will it deliver what it promises?

The Ins and Out of 15.1

Firstly, the 15.1 version fixed issues that plagued the original operating system version. So, issues like unlocking the iPhone with Apple watch, subscribers seeing audio meditation running without any warning, and the app displaying incorrect data. The last updates fixed these issues, but not all were perfect. While most of these bugs were improved upon, some were not fixed entirely. That presented a few problems, to say the least. 

When Was 15.1 Released and What’s in It?

15.1 and 15.2 beta versions were released with the idea to correct bugs associated with iOS 15. It does fix a lot of the issues first reported by testers, however, it doesn’t fix them all. So, while the updates have fixed some issues, it hasn’t fixed them all. That is probably frustrating if you’re waiting for the bugs to be fixed before moving onto the operating system. Currently, beta testing is underway with 15.2 and the latest 15.3 version will be released in Mid-October. 

Fixing Macro Mode Issues and Pro-Res Support

It looks like version 3 of iOS will fix the macro mode issues seen with 15.1. On the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, Macro Mode caused a lot of framing issues. Macro Mode made it quite difficult to take photographs without it jumping from one lens to another. With the update, automatic macro mode can be switched off. Also, Pro-Res format is supported. That means the latest iPhones with 15 iOS can record videos in Pro-Res format. While that does use more memory than the standard MP4 and MOV formats, it looks impressive. Pro-Res is a popular format and fixing the macro mode issues helps massively. 

The iPhone Wallet Stores Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination Records

Since the Pandemic, it has become hugely important for vaccination records to be accessible. Apple iPhone has maintained its wallet feature and you’re now able to store your vaccination passport or records there. These are going to be widely used in the future, so it’s crucial to have a simple way to make these records available. Unfortunately, this feature is unlikely to be available outside the U.S. That’s disappointing but every country has its own rules over vaccine. 

Standard Security and Bug Improvements

Like most operating systems, the original versions often come with bugs. Apple’s software is no different to others; fortunately, updates and newer versions do their best to fix the issues. Little bugs, flaws, and errors are widely updated, so that helps to create a smoother version. Apple has done that too with their latest software. You’ll find things to be less unreliable and more on the money.  

The Future of Apple’s Software

There is little doubt Apple will continue to create operating systems that knock the ball out of the park. Like most software, however, original versions are littered with bugs and errors that beta testers are waiting to point out. Fixing these things can be done with relative ease and can ensure a better future for the operating system. When the newest version, 15.3, is released, it promises to create a smoother transition, but time will tell how effective it’ll be.