The Galaxy Note 20

Galaxy Note 20


There are many confirmed specs surrounding this release as it’s coming up very soon, the first of these include that there will be two phones involved in this release, both at different sizes. There will be the Galaxy Note 20 which will be 6.7 inches, and there’s also the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra which will be 6.9 inches. 


Next, these new devices will be released in five different colours, most of which will be specific to each model. ‘Mystic Bronze’ is the only one of the colours which will be available for both of the models. Next, there is the ‘Mystic Green’ and ‘Mystic Grey’, these will only be available in the Galaxy Note 20. Finally, the last two colours are ‘Mystic White’ and ‘Mystic Black’, these two will only be released in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model. 


Both of the models being released will contain the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor. This processor has extremely high ratings, with it even being named the best for Android systems. It is one of the most powerful mobile chips, with it having a large focus towards being designed to enhance gaming and the experience around it. 


Additionally, while there is one pricing stage which does not support 5G, the other two do and this is another way of showing how Samsung are trying to move their technology forward with everyone else to keep their current customers with them and potentially gain some new ones. One positive of still giving people an option to stay with 4G is that they are appealing to a larger market if there are some people who are still unsure on the implementation of 5G. 


There will be an underscreen fingerprint scanner which will increase the ease of usage for these new models. 


Finally, these new models have a rating of IP68 water and dust resistance. ‘IP’ means ‘Ingress Protection’ and it is an internationally understood way of rating how well a device can withstand various amounts of external issues (i.e. sand, dirt and liquid etc). Any devices which are given this IP68 rating can be exposed to many of these potential issues, and can even be submerged in water for thirty minutes at a depth of up to 1.5 meters. However, this has only been tested in freshwater situations and as a result of this, it is not recommended that people use the device in a pool or beach scenario as damage from this or dust is not always covered in warranties provided by Samsung. 

Release Date

The new Galaxy Note will be released on the 21st of August 2020.


There are three different price levels available for this product. Firstly, you’ve got the Galaxy Note 20 with 4G priced at £849. Next, there’s the Galaxy Note 20 with 5G which will be sold at £949. Finally, there will be the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with default 5G which will start at £1179.


Currently, due to it being so close to the release date for this product there are very few rumours left about this product as many specifications have been confirmed.