The Apple Series 4 Watch

Apple Series 4 watch

Who knew a smart watch could be so stylish too? The Apple Series 4 watch can be your next favorite fashion accessory, and the fact that it can help you track your health is really just a great bonus. Here’s our review of Apple’s latest offering – released last September 21, 2018 along with the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max -- to help you decide if this smart watch just arm candy or a very smart buy.


Who said watches had to be round? Patek Philippe, H. Moser & Cie. Casio and Tag Heuer all released very iconic and very expensive watches in a similar shape – except none of them came with the Apple functionality. Fashionista also says that the oblong shape with rounded edges flatter nearly all wrist and hand shapes, and no that isn’t a shallow detail. Nearly all people will check a watch to see what it looks like, and as Apple’s product history (and billion-dollar sales) has proven, people care a heck of a lot about design.  If you were the type of consumer who only wanted a smart watch and didn’t care about brand or image, then you’d be buying a cheap China knock off.

But the Apple Series 4 is a wonder to look at, and even if the only cardio you get is dancing at the club, you’ll be proud to show this off. It’s one of those rare smart watches that don’t just appeal to the fitness crowd.


But is the Apple Series 4 just another overpriced fashion accessory? No. For fitness and health enthusiasts, this smart watch is an easy and convenient way to help you reach your goals, monitor your health, and keep track of your vitals. But you say you can find that in any smart watch – yes, even the cheap knock offs. So what makes this a bit more powerful than the rest?

Well, Apple Series 4 has a powerful electro-cardiogram feature (ECG), which sends your data to your health apps. You then have an option to print this out and send it to your doctor, or save a daily record with additional notes on what you did, ate, and felt during that day. This can help your doctor make really informed decisions on your medical care, and helps you take an active role in monitoring your health. 

And aside from monitoring and recording your heart rate, the Apple Series 4 can detect for atrial fibrillations, an early sign of possible heart attack. It will also let you know if your heart rate falls dangerously too high or too low for more than 10 minutes. You’ll never be able to notice this on your own, but spikes like these are an early sign for heart disease and an early risk factor for stroke. That’s definitely information you want to have as soon s possible.

 The Watch 4 also comes with an alert system if your heart rate goes too low or high: should your heart rate spike or fall hard for no reason for a long enough period (around 10 minutes) you'll get an alert telling you all is not well, and maybe your should see a physician.

Some people also buy the Apple Series 4 for their elderly parents or grandparents, or those with special health needs, since it can detect any falls and send out emergency alerts.


Unfortunately the Apple Series 4 does have one weakness: a mediocre battery life. You need to charge this at least one a day, so that’s a definite downside if you’re buying this for a sick or elderly relative who may forget to plug it in at the end of the day.  We would have really liked to see a more powerful battery that could be used for at least 48 hours, especially when it performs such a critical function in monitoring health.

Otherwise, Apple Series 4 can be stylish and useful gadget that appeals to the young, the old, the fashionable, and the practical. If its battery were better, it would’ve been perfect.


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