Samsung S10 ..bit of wait but the rumours have started

Samsung Galaxy S10 – Here’s the Latest Information We Know So far about Samsung’s Hot Phone


While we are not expecting to see it until year 2019, we are already inundated with a number of rumors and news about the upcoming hot Samsung flagship phone.


Believed to be codenamed as ‘Beyond’ the Samsung Galaxy S10 is geared to be one of the most exciting Android smartphones for the year 2019. And, here is the latest information so far that you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S10.


Samsung Galaxy S10 – When Is It set to be released?


A report from the Korea Herald suggests that Galaxy S10 along with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 already launched Several sources claim that it could be as early as January during the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 set to take place from January 8 to 11, 2019. 


Samsung Galaxy S10: What Will It Look Like?


By all accounts sources say we can expect a revolutionary S flagship phone. Although we can expect that its appearance will not deviate that much from its predecessor.


The Galaxy S10 is widely tipped to feature a curved screen with a striking no bezels infinity display style. We’re also hearing that the S10 phone will have 5.8 inches screen while the S10 Plus will have a bigger 6.3 screen display. Consumers can also expect to see the latest Galaxy phone featuring a 93 percent screen to body ratio based from leaked rumors.    


Galaxy S10 – Display, Features, and Specifications


Insider reports claim that the Galaxy S10 will boast a super sharp display which will likely exceed 600 ppi.


It is also widely believed that the S10 will finally be sporting out an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor. The upcoming S flagship will reportedly come with enhanced 3D sensing camera technology that should greatly improve the face unlock feature’s security and performance. Moreover, with speculations about the 3D scanning analysts say that Samsung may end up ditching its iris scanning technology with the S10.


Rumors also have it the S flagship phone will feature 5G mobile technology support. It is also expected that the S10 will come with improved Bixby voice assistant software.


For those who are keen about the S10’s camera features, it is said that the upcoming phone will come with a triple-lens camera system. And it doesn’t simply end there, as some sources say that the three lenses is believed to be for the rear camera only and the front-facing camera will separately sport out two lenses, which means the S10 will have a spectacular five camera system.


The latest flagship is also expected to utilize either the cutting-edge Exynos chip or Snapdragon 855 and a much faster UFS 3.0 storage so we’ll likely be seeing a bumped up performance for the S10.


Other News and Leaked Information


According to some sources, Samsung is going to unveil three S10 variations. Aside from the 5.8 inches version and the 6.3 inches S10 Plus version, a third model believed to be a 6.44 inches version is said to be underway.


Another thing to watch out for is the possibility that the Galaxy S10 will feature an embedded earpiece which will be integrated right into the phone’s screen display allowing the screen glass to emit audio, sources say.


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