Samsung One UI 2.0

There are reports that later in the current year, One UI 2.0 will be rolled out by Samsung along with the Android Q. At the same time, the Samsung Galaxy 11 will come with the One UI 2.1 in the coming year. 

When the One UI interface git introduced last year, Samsung rolled it out as an update. According to other reports, the One UI 2.0 interface will feature several well-being improvements that were announced by Google. Google talked about this at the annual developer conference which was held in the month of May. 


Perhaps the focus mode is one of the most widely loved improvements. The prime job of the Focus Mode is to make it easy for users to set a list of distracting applications. When this feature gets enabled, the said applications will be silent. 

As of yet, we are hoping that Samsung will put the update underway. However, Samsung carries a bad reputation for its recent track record. Beyond this, however, we can be sure that the One UI must return and arrive sooner. 

However, it is critically important to know that the Galaxy Note 10 will be unveiled on the 7th of August. This release is quite earlier as compared to the Android Q rollout. Hence, it is extremely obvious that Galaxy Note smartphones will make use of One UI 1.1on the Android 9.0 Pie. 

The One UI by Samsung is praised by everyone because it has improved the custom user interfaces of the company. Moreover, it also brought a number of important features along with it such as the dark more. Indeed, features like these are made it easier to use the phone one-handedly. 

As a result of this, it is not very surprising to know that the updates for One UI 2.1 and One UI 2.0 are just underway. However, major features and a complete list has not bee formulated yet. This is because a big part of this news is based on speculation. Moreover, the company says that the update for Samsung further updates will come soon, so users should all stay tuned. 

The release date of the Android Q update has not been confirmed yet. Considering the Android 9 pie, it was brought to the flagship Galaxy phones in no time. We can only hope that the smartphone company will give Android Q the same or at least, a similar level of attention? 


Apart from that, it looks like Samsung Galaxy us the first smartphone ever that will feature the ONE U I2.1, the latest instalment! 


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