Samsung Note 10 Coming Soon

As of yet, 2019 has turned out to be a major year for Samsung smartphones. Along with a mid-level Galaxy A50, a number of flagship S10 Phones also arrived on the scene. However, the year has not ended as of yet. 

Next month, Samsung is going to launch the highly awaited Galaxy Note 10. Based on all the rumours, this model is going to go beyond your expectations. 

According to the rumours, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will come out in the month of August. This is somewhat similar to the recent release pattern by Samsung for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and 8. Both of these phones appeared in the month of August, which allowed the company to get some jump. This is because the new iPhones by Apple were set to release in September. 

Based on the reports, Samsung will start taking pre-orders for this phone by August 9. This will be about 2 days after this launch event. Officially, the phones will hit the stores by 23rd August. 

According to a number of other reports, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is going to cost somewhere around £800. This means that its starting price will be similar to the last year’s phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ will be priced at around £1000. 

This is because there are two versions of the Galaxy Note 10 that Samsung is working on. One of these phones will come with a large 6.7 inches display. Whereas, the other regular model will have a 6.4 inches screen. Based on the reports, the smaller version of the Note 10 will be released only in the Europe region. Based on some other reports, the screen sizes will be placed in between 6.3 inches and 6.8 inches. 


So for now, we can say that there are two phones that Samsung is planning. One of these phones is extra-large whereas the other is large. Then comes 5G variants for each of these four versions. 


The larger of these two phone models will be referred to as the Galaxy Note 10 Pro, according to the reports. As far as the choices for the colours go, reports say that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro will come in pink, red, silver, black, and white. At the same time, the Galaxy Note 10 Pro may have two exclusive colours that the other Galaxy Note 10 will not feature. 

As far as the battery charging goes, we can expect the battery of the Note 10 to charge up very quickly. Some reports say that the charging is going to be 45 watts faster. Based on the current speculation, the Galaxy Note 10 Pro will support a 45W charging. However, other rumours say that only a 25W charger will be included with the new phone. This means that you may have to buy one extra accessory in order to achieve the 45 Watt charging. Nevertheless, these are all speculations as of yet. Whether these are trying or not, we will find that out soon!