Samsung Galaxy X Dream or Reality

Samsung Galaxy X – Here’s What You Should Know about Samsung’s Fabled Foldable Phone

It looks like the wacko concept of a phone that’s foldable and bendable will be coming into a reality some time in the near future – and we’re talking about 2019!


For those who have followed, the idea of Samsung’s foldable phone has been years in the making. At one point, there were rumors that it would come to life in 2017. Of course, that sure did not happen. However, new information is surfacing that finally the Samsung’s fabled phone will be happening in early 2019 with sources stating that it will be in time for the Mobile World Congress 2019 which will take place in February.


And, although 2019 is still quite far away, we have gathered the latest news and leaked information about the much awaited Samsung Galaxy X for you. So far, here’s everything we know about the revolutionary Galaxy X Smartphone in the making.


Samsung Galaxy X: What Will It Look Like?


All right, to start with we aren’t actually sure that Samsung’s foldable phone will be named Galaxy X, as some rumors suggest it could be called Galaxy F. Could it be because ‘F’ stands for Foldable? Nevertheless we’ll stick to Galaxy X as of the moment.


Now, you may be wondering how this bendable phone will look like. The most recent reports suggest that the phone will be showcasing a 4.5 inches screen display which can be used as a conventional smartphone and can fantastically be unfolded out into a 7.3-inch display tablet. Although it can be folded like a wallet, Galaxy X is expected to be bulkier and relatively a bit heavier than the normal smartphones that we have today.


If the Galaxy X will indeed be realized, it will become the world’s very first smartphone that will feature a folding screen display.


Samsung Galaxy X: Features and Specs


According to sources, the newfangled Galaxy X will feature an OLED screen display that offers a cutting-edge folding display capability as well as an unbreakable panel. Insider reports claim that the phone is expected to come with a 4K screen resolution, that’s 3840 x 2160 pixels, to ensure that it maintains a high resolution even when folded.


For now, pretty much we are still in the dark when it comes to the information regarding the hardware specs of the Galaxy X but based on some reports, the phone will likely feature a dual rear-facing camera and is expected to be equipped with flagship hardware specs. It’s very likely that Galaxy X will be utilizing the powerful Snapdragon 845 or possibly the Exynos 9810 Android processor. Considering its unique layout, the foldable phone will also likely be requiring bigger battery and increased memory and storage capacities for optimal performance.


How Much Will the Galaxy X Cost?


For those who are keen for the Galaxy X’s market release, you can do yourself a favor when you start saving as early as now as this revolutionary foldable phone is set to have an incredible starting price of around £2000.


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