Samsung Galaxy S9 & Plus

About Samsung Galaxy S9 & Plus Unlocked Sim Free Used and Refurbished

The Galaxy s9 and the Plus version are a fantastic phone. Of course, the plus is the better phone of the two. Previously the plus model was the same as the Galaxy S except bigger and it came with a larger battery as well. However, this year the Plus comes with features the normal S9 doesn’t come with. There is a second camera on the back and the 12-megapixel telephoto sensor that gives the S9 ability to take in-depth photos in portrait mode that can blue out the background scene, so the actual point of your photo can stand out.

There is a difference in the two in weight, battery life, ram and the size. If you are not worried about the sizing of the screen, then the other reason to buy the plus version would be for the second camera.
Basically everything else is the same as the 12-megapixel duel lens camera that gave this phone the debut it was looking for.

Here at Handtec we offer feature of an unlocked sim which seems to be grabbing people’s attention you can use this on any network or any country 


The option to buy refurbished is there if you are looking for a cheaper option. Before the phone can be labelled Handtec Refurbished it has to go through an extensive inspection of the functions and features by a qualified engineer that have an good understanding of Samsung technology

When buying a Samsung s9 refurbished phone you are getting a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.The engineers  completely inspect it and replace any parts that are damaged or not working to their full potential. The phone  must go through many tests to make sure the phone is in original working standards before it can then be sold as a refurbished item. Refurbished phones can be discounted for up to 30% even more. Handtec offers a 12 Month warranty of all Samsung Galaxy S9 Phones.

Samsung are launching the phones in some amazing colour tones like midnight black which captures the sunlight beautifully, the coral blue and the lilac purple. The lilac is very impressive and is the colour you want to view in person.Pictures simply don’t show the colour tones.

The S9 adds a fourth authenticating your identity feature called the intelligent scan. There is iris scanning, fingerprint scan and the facial recognition. Iris scanning seems to failout in the sunlight and facial recognition doesn’t seem to work well in dark situations, so the intelligent scan is combining both of these methods to reduce the failure rate. While it may not be as secure as using your fingerprint, it fails less and gives you a quicker way to unlock your phone when you need it most.

Both are great phones each with their own features and it just depends on your budget and preference as to which one you buy.