Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus Speculations

Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus Speculations

There has been much speculation on the new Samsung phone, this article will answer what we already know.

From a difference in design to a difference in hardware operation, this article will answer your most pressing curiosities.

There is so much that we don’t know for certain, but here is what we predict.


Compared to the Samsung S10 series, we can see the arrival of some differences. For example, we can observe the movement of the camera from the centre to the upper left area of the phone. We can also see a change in the colours of the phone, from white to pink, and a variety of others in between, with other potential colours arriving for the S21 Plus. Very reliable sources have claimed that the colours are Gray, Pink, Violet and White for the standard S21 and for the S21+ we are lively to see the arrival of Black and Silver colours.

We can also observe a slight change in the physical display of the phone, with the introduction of a punch hole camera placed in the central display. We are also likely to see similar features from the S20 continued as well. Structurally, we are likely to see the waterproof properties of the phone remaining.

Structure and technology- 

Despite a lot of the information at the moment being heavily speculative, we do have a slight understanding of the type of hardware that could be used. This could come in the form of an Exynos 991/992 chip which might be used by the phone giant. The Exynos chip has been used in the past before by this company and so it is very likely to be implemented again, due to the success of the S20.

One thing that many people are likely to be happy with is a titanic battery life, and it is very much speculated that this will be the case. We are likely to see the implementation of newer technologies to allow this to occur, and so more will be revealed soon, but it is very likely that Samsung will choose to implement this attractive feature.

Release date-

So, after all of the information on the design and structural facets of the new Samsung, the real question is its release date. It is likely that the Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 will be released Early 2021, with sales beginning from March 2021, phones which are likely to have a similar pricing strategy to the S20, but this is yet to be disclosed.

Clearly, there is still much to be speculated over the new Samsung S21 and S21+ models, but we have been able to be privy to some information leaks, which can be confirmed by reliable sources. But we will all have to wait until March, assuming that Samsung do not shift their speculated date, to find out what the new phones will really look, feel, and perform like.