Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Launch

            Samsung dropped the announcement that its brand new smartphone will be introduced on February 20th. The manufacturer is deciding to drift away from norm and announce its upcoming products at a location other than the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Instead, Samsung is holding a celebration of its history in San Francisco.

            Samsung Unpacked will be a celebratory review of a decade’s worth of Galaxy Devices culminating in the launch of the latest products, the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. Samsung is also believed to be holding other similar events in other major cities at another time. The Unpacked event can be live streams on the 20that

            Galaxy devices have seen much advancement since their introduction in 2009. The first Galaxy smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy i7500 which was criticized by technology reviewers for not being competitive with other brands on the market. Now in 2019 for their tenth anniversary, Samsung is going to release multiple models. As of now it is suspected that multiple models will be released: TheGalaxy S10E, Galaxy S10and Galaxy S10+. Much excitement is circulating the S10 model release. There are expected to be upgrades in software, cameras and new color options.

Galaxy S10E

            The Galaxy S10 E, also known as the Galaxy S10 lite is a stripped down model. This model will be the least expensive. The screen size is also the most modest at 5.8 inches with a flat display screen. This is the screen size of Galaxy S9 the current Samsung model. Leaked images show that the model will have a single front facing camera and dual rear cameras.

Galaxy S10

            The Galaxy S10 will have a curved screen display of 6.1 inches. Some sources have claimed that none of the S10 models will have the customary curved Galaxy screens.Screen resolution is also believed to be increased to 600 PPI. Leaked reports have shown that the models will have 3 rear facing cameras and a single front lens. This many has previously been shown with phones manufactured by Huawei with a standard lens, wide angle lens and telephoto lens. Competing with Apple fingerprint access, the newest Galaxy will also have an in display finger print sensor. Google is expected to be updated to Android Pie. This update will change the appearance of the user interface, add new notifications and improve support for multiple camera. Storage will be a standard 128 GB for the S10E and S10 models but will support expansion.

Galaxy S10+

            The Galaxy S10+ will have the largest screen size at 6.4 inches. Descriptions claim that it will be lighter than the Galaxy Note 9. The S10+ model is rumored to have the most cameras, 5, of any of the other models. In addition to 3 rear facing cameras there will also be 2 dual front facing cameras. There are also increased storage options of 512 GB up to 1TB with the S10+.


            All new Galaxies will enable wireless charging via touch with other enabled devices. Samsung is anticipated to offer 5G models in both the United States and Korea.