Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+

Anticipation of the New Notes

The much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+ have recently been making a splash in the media, as rumours swirl about the specs, estimated release date and other details which every tech lover is itching to uncover. Samsung has decided to make the leap from the previous edition of their smartphone, the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, and make a statement with their 20s series, prudently being released in the year 2020.

Leaks of Information

The Digital Trends website helpfully details some of the information which has been leaked about the new arrivals in the world of smartphones, including a Twitter account which gains its fame for tweeting new information before anyone else seems to have it. The account by the name of @UniverseIce bridges the gap towards a fuller understanding of what to expect from the new technology. For the Note 20 and Note 20+, multiple sources provide the controversially received tip that Samsung will cut their storage in half, leaving it at 128GB instead of 264GB. 

Also, with leaked photos of molds of a possible case for the phones from another Twitter user, @rquandt, it can be concluded that there is definitely a slot for the stylus pen and that the body of the phone will be made of glass and metal.

Some Things to Expect

It’s expected that the new Note phones will have slightly improved cameras, including a 64MP telephoto sensor and a 12MP main sensor. Given that this will not be much of a difference from the last phones they released, it’s always good to take baby steps in development. Small improvements are how we made it to the astounding place that smart phone cameras have reached today. 

There will also likely be similar processor speeds; Samsung continues to work on improving the Exynos chipset, so there could be some changes in expectations by the time the release rolls around. Since they have been gaining success within the almost monopolised market of smartphones, it’s safe to say that Samsung doesn’t have to fix what’s not broken. Overall, Samsung is determined to keep what works and improve upon what they can.

The Launch

As far as release dates go, Samsung tends to release their new and improved products in August, and it seems, so far, that this year will be no different from the past. One cannot guess, however, what to expect as far as the location or number of invitees within the parameters of the novel Coronavirus. With Covid-19 preventing gatherings of ten or more people, it’s going to be pretty tough to hold the extravagant launch party that usually accompanies a product release of this sort.


The spirit of the smartphone release season will hopefully be kept alive, but we should all probably prepare ourselves for a live-streamed speech from the CEO and designers, rather than the usual exciting videos from in-person gatherings held to celebrate the releases. 


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