Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung, as a leading smartphone manufacturer, has yearly product releases which are always highly anticipated. With their novel “Fold” series, smartphones have taken a step further in being more compact yet having a large screen. The importance of a large screen resides in the fact that consumers like to have larger surface area to complete tasks (like searching the web, looking at pictures, etc.), and some people complain of not even being able to read words off of a smaller screen. The Fold series aims to give you the best of both worlds (compact, yet user-friendly with a large screen), so here is a look into what the unreleased Galaxy Fold 2 could have in store for us.


Will There Be a Stylus?

Samsung’s popular feature might have to sit this one out, as experts are unsure if the foldable screen can handle the pressure of the S pen on the screen. The screen must be made of a flexible glass/plastic mixture that doesn’t withstand pressure as well as the Galaxy Notes and other similar smartphones. There’s talk of still having a stylus to use when the phone is in the folded position, but, when it’s unfolded, it will likely be blocked from working or recommended to refrain from use. While the first Galaxy Fold had some less-than-impressed reviews because of the lack of durability, Samsung is said to be working on the strength of the glass they use for their Fold phones.


Fold 2 or Something Else?

Even though the new phone is being referred to as the “Fold 2” by many of Samsung’s followers, it’s possible that they go a different route with the name. Another possibility is that the phone will be called the Galaxy “Z Fold”, which would go along with the February release: The “Z Flip”. 


Size and Specs

Although there are slightly conflicting predictions, the Fold 2 is rumoured to have a little larger of a display than its predecessor. A 108MP rear camera is also likely to be featured, with a 10MP camera set for the front camera. The phone is also said to have 5G capabilities, or at least offer different models where customers can choose if they want 5G or not. 


Another exciting feature that’s likely to come with this smartphone is a wireless charging pad. Since many of us rely on our phones throughout the entire work day, it would be nice to have a quick and easy way to get a charge when you’re running low on battery.


Release Dates and Launches

The new phone is rumoured to be released at the end of the summer, but it’s unclear what the launch will look like amid the year of Covid-19. If it were any other year, there would likely be a launch party with a big guest list and an even bigger budget. With large gatherings of people still not recommended by the Centres for Disease Control (CDC), however, it’s unlikely that anything of the sort will happen in August. You can most likely expect livestream release parties, and videos of statements from the CEO and other important contributors.