Samsung A90

Samsung is one of the top dogs in the smartphone industry. So it is no wonder that every rumour that surfaces about their new flagship smartphones I instantly snatched up and analysed over and over. This is an extremely competitive business and everyone is trying to get the edge over their opponents. Because of this, there is a high interest revolving around Galaxy A90. This model is supposed to be a game-changer for Samsung and the industry in general. So with that in mind let’s digest the latest rumours revolving around the new model.

There is a rumour going on, that would make the title of this article rather obsolete. According to it the name of the device might not even be Galaxy A90 at all. This information comes from an unnamed source inside the company. The final name of the model might be A80. We don’t fully understand the change in name, but on the other hand, A90 has not been locked in officially. Samsung has an idea for created a new model rather quickly and might be reserving the name for further use.

One of the most important features coming with the new model seems to be a camera. This is not surprising if you take into account that the camera technology has been at the forefront of the competition. Phones that have the best device for taking the picture usually end up selling the most. If the rumour is true then Samsung as something very unique up their sleeves. It seems like their camera will be able to rotate and simultaneously be used as both back and front camera. This will eliminate the difference in the quality taken by opposing camera and create a very interesting precedent. How will it function and look is a whole other story. Making a rotating camera look stylish and slick will be a hard task to achieve. Along with this function, the rumour is that it will be a triple lens camera, with the main one being 48MP. If this is true then Samsung promises a true beast of a device.

Battery size is one of the most important elements in a smartphone. You can have all the features in the world, but if your phone dies after a couple of hours of use, it will be extremely inconvenient. The charger also plays an important role. Ideally, you want a device that lasts for more than a day and charges extremely quickly. In general, Samsung has been rather generous with their batteries. Some of their models boasting 4000 mAh cells and some even going as far as 4,400 mAh. It is understandable that with that standard people expect from A90 to at least be as good as Samsung’s other devices. Sadly, the rumours at the moment point to an opposite. According to totem it is far more likely that A90 will have 3,610 mAh battery, which on one had is nothing to look down at. However, once you get used to a better quality of life, it is harder to go back. Samsung must be really confident in their new model's abilities in order to compromise on battery life.