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Buying a Refurbished iPhone

So your looking at getting an upgrade yet don’t want to spend the earth. New phones from the likes of Apple, Samsung and even Huawei can cost in the access of £600 some even reaching the £1000 mark. You could buy 3 Robin Reliants and 3 extra wheels for that much 

Apple iPhones have been around for a long time their first model was released back in 2007 that’s nearly 11 years ago. It was simply named the “iPhone” and was on the released with the OS1. They have kept this numbering scheme of the installed software so currently we are at 11 with the Apple iPhone X.

iPhone ModelOperating System (OS)
iPhoneiOS 1
iPhone 3GiOS 2
iPhone 3GSiOS 3
iPhone 4iOS 4
iPhone 4SiOS 5
iPhone 5iOS 6
iPhone 5C / 5SiOS 7
iPhone 6 PlusiOS 8
iPhone 6S & 6 Plus / iPhone SEiOS 9
iPhone 7 &  7 PlusiOS 10
iPhone 8 & 8 PlusiOS 11
iPhone XiOS 11.0.1

Theres many interesting facts about the iPhone. Like the their ads always show the time at 9.42. Well you may be thinking that big Apple HQ is full of geeks shooting down slides and playing ping pong in the bogs. No some though has gone into this they start their presentations at 9am and approx 42 minutes in they will present you with the main product launch - clever eh. We wont bore you with how they were going to call the iPhone 'Purple' Purple X anyone?
Apple have started to sell refurbished phones but the price difference was still minimal. This is where we come along our used phones are checked by highly qualified technicians and each device is refurbished and graded appropriately. We sell the earliest models all the way to the lastest including the iPhone 7 8 and X models. They all come in a variety of colours from Black Gold and even Red. Then you have the choices of memory per iPhone 16GB if not enough then 256GB should satisfy your needs. 

A clever method is to subsribe to Apple cloud where you can buy extra storage and keep your data secure. Its handy when you need to upgrade your iPhone or when you your buying a refurbished iPhone from us :).

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