Oppo Pop-up screen patent

Some patents make one to wish they are real and just here, right at this moment. These are the patents that make somebody to scratch the head, puzzled by the process of thoughts that ended into the idea. OPPO’s most recent patent is, with no question, among the latter.  Each and everybody has heard of double screen phones but the idea of OPPO of a handset  that slides out  absolutely,  receives the crown in terms of oddness and pointlessness.

Oppo, the Chinese Smart phone manufacturer is here yet again, yes, with another patent file for a handset. The patent has a pop-up display and its already getting its way on the internet. Their major motive of doing this is to make the gadget to be more noticeable from the crowd and to provide an advanced screen-to-body relation.

While the earlier patent featured a modest extra screen, the new one has much advanced designs of what looks like a broad pop-up in addition to a second slide-out display. Of all the smart phones familiar with people, like the Huawei Mate X, the Samsung Galaxy Fold which kicked off a new age of Smartphone design giving the user a bit bigger screen, this Oppo patents looks like handsets   that might  bring a large screen experience with a more reasonable price to the market.

This patent presents up to two diverse possible designs. The  first setting of a pop-up top part  that looks like the mounting cameras on the  Find X  though larger, accommodating  an extra display. There is a small bezel located at the top of the face that accommodates the selfie camera as well as the earpiece speaker.   The second screen may perhaps offer extra controls while watching a video or while playing games. 

There is then a design which has a second screen that slides out at the side of the handset. This design shows that a second screen appears from the primary screen. Contrasting a pop-up camera that is in reality just intended to perform one thing at a time, a pop-up screen appear to provide a much broader variety of options. The additional display may possibly be utilised as playback controls for movies or music, a material drawer for showing all the apps, or still a superpower tray for notifications. Yet again this may perhaps be used to offer extra controls or multi-tasking of app with no need of minimising the app on the main display.

As it is with each and every patent, it is not guaranteed whether both designs will forever make it to a marketable obtainable handset.  It is worth mentioning that the patent from the company just mean that Oppo is working up on the design and making an effort to discover it. Therefore, the patent doesn’t signify that the handset with similar designs will come out to the market as expected. But since companies are discovering more complex Smartphone designs, there is a reason to get thrilled regarding releases such as these in future.