OnePlus 9 – What do we know?

No one could accuse OnePlus of slacking when it comes to unveiling new models. Hot on the heels of the OnePlus 8, 8T, 8Pro and OnePlus Nord in 2020, rumours have been circulating for some time about when their new models, the OnePlus 9 series, will launch. So what is the word on the street? Details have not been too forthcoming, but this is what we know so far. 


It now seems reasonably certain that OnePlus are going to launch their OnePlus 9 series in mid-March. This launch is likely to consist of the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, and the OnePlus 9R (the official name for the rumoured OnePlus 9E or 9 Lite).

Tech insiders are also anticipating OnePlus to unveil their first-ever smartwatch at this launch, which is expected to be called the rather unimaginative, OnePlus Watch.


Previous OnePlus models (the 8 and 8T) have retailed at between £549 -£599/ $699-749, so it is reasonable to assume that the OnePlus 9 models will be a similar price. A rough ball-park figure of £600/$750 seems likely.


The OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro are the flagship models of the new range. These are the features we are likely to see;

*6.55 inch AMOLED display

*SnapDragon 888 chipset (also used in the new Samsung Galaxy S21). 

*Punch hole front camera on both models

*Hasselblad branded cameras in the Pro likely to be a quad

*3.3x zoom on the Pro

* 48-megapixel triple rear camera with two larger lenses on the OnePlus 9

*Flat screen

*Larger screen with 120Hz refresh rate

*Full HD+ resolution on OnePlus 9 and Quad HD+ on the Pro

*5G compatible

*65W onboard charging

*Possible wireless charging

*A choice of two storage options - 128GB and 256GB with 8GB RAM and 12GB RAM, respectively.

*Android 11 installed

*Possible water and dust resistance rating on the Pro

The more affordable 9R or Lite is likely to include the following;

* 6.5-inch 90Hz display

*8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage

*64-megapixel camera

*Snapdragon 690 chipset

*30W fast-charging

*5,000mAh battery


They've taken their time, but the OnePlus watch will launch alongside the OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus 9R. Although not much is known about the watch's spec before the launch, it is rumoured to run on Google Wear. There are suggestions that it will have a circular dial and look quite a bit like the OPPO Watch RX. 


With significant changes to the design, larger display, wireless charging and upgraded camera facilities the new OnePlus range is likely to please customers who are on the look-out for a new model that has adapted to the ever-changing phone technology market. With the affordable OnePlus 9R also on offer there will be something to suit everyone’s price range. 



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