OnePlus 7


OnePlus has its one core characteristic of its handset, that one it’s the phones that will support 5G. It is also likely that it will come as OnePlus 7 pro and Oneplus 7 Pro.

OnePlus 7 specs. 

The specs of OnePlus 7 Pro will have dual speakers, a battery of 4,000mah with 30w a speedy charging tech, a triple lens camera on the rear. Together with both tele photo lens and also wide-angle one. The OnePlus 7 shall have a 6.4 inch flat screen, while the 7 Pro shall have a 6.64 inch curved screen. The One Plus has tear-dop notch while pro has pop up camera and without a notch.

They also said there will be two cameras the on rear on the OnePlus 7, one has 48mp. The OnePlus 7 Pro moreover has 48mp lens, which are connected by two others an ultra-wide one and a telephoto one. They also talk about one plus 7 pro 5G that may sound to comprise identical specs as the standard one plus model, having 5G on board. 

This is true as the company had earlier claimed that it will commence one of its 5G phones in 2019. Despite they never said which phone it will be but it’s likely to be OnePlus 7 PRO. The 5G phone will be launched in Europe thus it’s getting into a partnership with some companies that may bring it to UK.

The Oneplus 7 phone is likely o be launched in the mid of 2019. The OnePlus 6 was   launched in 2018 May thus, One Plus 7 is said to be launched year later as others one plus 5 and 3 have been launched midyear each respectively 

 OnePlus also has established has the intension of introducing a 5G phone and although it's not identified if the OnePlus 7 shall be one supporting 5G. The CEO said the 5G may cost about $200 to $300 extra than the 4g device. If one want 5G though one might have to pay more. As the company is working on both (5g and 4g) phone, however it is not obvious if the 5G phone will be same or a different phone. In the US one may be purchase it from a carrier hence my cost more

As it’s noted at the top the 5G phone will be identified the OnePlus 7 pro 5G, suggesting an upgrade of OnePlus 7. The other feasible specs of Oneplus 7 pro. Is that Oneplus 7 pro shall have a screen with a 90 Hz. With the aim of making it to have a higher resolution than any other Oneplus phones

As with prior OnePlus handsets, it is expected that the OnePlus 7 to be   the best Smartphone. Having an 855 processor, with 6 GB of Ram, a big display, a big battery and a superior wireless fingerprint sensor. One feature that will not be on OnePlus 7 is wireless charging system, as the CEO puts it isn’t efficient as many client prefer wired charging system.