Little Known iPhone Tricks

iPhone Tricks


The iPhone is the most known smartphone in the world thanks to the power of Apple. Every year, a new change in the iPhone and the newly released iPhone X continues to revolutionize the smartphone. This includes different tips and tricks to enhance its use for everything. Here are some tricks to know to make the iPhone even better.


People like to listen to music as a lullaby but they doze off without turning the iPhone off and wasting battery. Now, people can use the timer to shut down the music and phone. Tap on Clock > Timer > When Timer Ends, scroll down, and tap Stop Playing. Set the timer and tap Start, and the music will end after the length of time expired. There is also the need for getting photos that is not shaky, particularly in panorama mode. Make a snapshot by simply using the volume buttons on the phone. Tap the arrow on panorama mode to switch the direction so the picture can stay steady from one direction to the other.


Utilizing Do Not Disturb lets us to silence all calls and notifications when our iPhone is locked. But to not miss certain calls such as from our significant other or parent, we can allow them to circumvent the block. Create a group in Contacts, click the red ribbon you will see in there, add a group in it with the names you want, go to Settings, Notifications, and Do Not Disturb, and touch the Allow Calls From to note the group of contacts you want in. Using the Calculator, if you made a mistake, you don’t need to clear and do over again. Just swipe your finger to the left or right to clear the last number and do so until it is zero.


With your iPhone, you can make it more secure by mixing numbers and letters as part of the code. Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock, turn off Simple Passcode and enter the alphanumeric password you want. Or, with the help of Siri, create random passwords. Tell Siri “random password” and you will get an eight-alphanumeric-character password from her. To not get carpal tunnel syndrome with the fingers from writing SMS, shake your iPhone and tap Undo Typing to delete the message. Or, shake your iPhone again and tap Redo Typing to get back the original message.


Finally, there is the popular use of emojis and how we use it in messages instead of letters. For those who don’t want to continue switching to the letter keyboard repeatedly, try this trick with alphabets shortcuts. In order, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji. Then, get to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut. Put in an emoji under phrase and write any text under shortcut, which will be used to convert into the emoji. Now, when texting, an emoji will easily be seen when you text when it guesses correctly what word you may be putting down instead of going letter-by-letter in your message.


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