Latest Apple OS

What you can expect from the new Apple OS updates

Avid Apple fans may know that Apple just launched its newest set of OS updates for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and Apple TV in September 2020. Now there is a lot known about the updates since the beta versions have been around for a couple of months but let’s be honest – not everyone opts for beta versions and it is definitely is not the real thing. 

The September 2020 iOS 14 is considered one of Apple's biggest iOS updates yet and has improvements and alterations that affect the home screen, existing apps and Siri. Naturally, a couple of completely new features are also included.  So, for those of you that have not yet installed the newest Apple updates, or even those considering changing to Apple, this is what you can expect.

IOS 14

App Library

A new App Library that allows you to organise and manage your apps in one place without adding everything to the home screen. Here the apps can be sorted by usage, to allow easy access.


Finally, Apple is adding widgets to the home screen that can be placed and organised on the home screen, where apps will automatically make space for them. All the widgets can be accessed through the widget gallery that offers different sizing options and more.

PiP & Siri. 

The updates allow Picture in Picture mode for all screen activities similar to the new iPad experience.

Siri is finally a bit smaller and does not take over the entire screen.

Translate App. 

This new app supports 11 languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish and can be activated through the microphone and is functional offline. It was designed to be useful in conversations and can be used to communicate effortlessly in most foreign countries.

App clips. 

This is a new feature that allows you to access a particular app simply by tapping on the clip, without first downloading the app. By tapping on the clip, you have access to a small part of the app, which makes access easier and more convenient. Payments and login can then be completed though the normal avenues.

If you want to check the iOS14 requirements and if you will be able to run it on your phone – you can find out more here.

IpadOS 14

Some of the major new improvements for iPadOS 14 includes making phone calls, Skype calls and FaceTime calls much less intrusive. Instead of taking over the whole screen, these calls now take up much less space and function as a floating insert on the screen. 

As with iOS 14, Siri is also less intrusive and does not take over the whole screen.

There has been a major upgrade with some of the basic apps such as Photos, Files and Music, that now makes them much more user friendly and more Mac-like. Their view now includes a organised sidebar that allows you to effortlessly move things around without the usual schlep.

Finally, they introduced a new function called Scribble to be used with Apple pencil, and it will allow you to text on screen, with the words being interpreted by scribble and translated to typed text.