Latest Android Version and Features

Latest Android Version and Features 

Whether you are a developer or an Android user, the 8.0 Android version introduces many new features and enhancements. The Android 8.0 Oreo version, introduced in August 2017, makes the world of Android more powerful and capable of performing multiple tasks. Some key features include design updates, notification changes, updated icons, API updates, and a lot more.

On December 5th, 2017, the Android 8.1 Oreo update was announced. This update brought with it more new features and advancements.Following are some highlights from both Oreo versions – 8 and 8.1:

  • Improves usability: The settings menu has been enhanced to include more options under a category. You can also customize or rearrange the apps you want to add to the Quick Settings area.


  • Notifications: The display of notifications are made more efficient. For instance, if the number of notifications you have exceeds the size that your device screen can accommodate, an icon would appear indicating that you have more notifications to view. However, like the previous version, multiple notifications from the same app will be shown together in one tray.
    This also includes more control over the notifications that the user wants displaying. Notifications from unwanted sources can be snoozed for a later time. The controls to notifications include disabling notifications entirely, allowing notifications as per the device or app, and customizing it based on your requirements.


  • Play Music:The background color palette has been updated to match the album colour.


  • Adaptive icons: A platform introduced to help developers shape and create icons. You can decide what shape you want such as round, square, or teardrop. Android Studio helps developers with the process.


  • Aspect ratio: Earlier the default visual aspect ratio included sizes for 86:1 and 18.5:9 (based on the device). Now, the aspect ration simply defaults to the device’s aspect ratio. The default maximum ratio is removed.


  • Emojis: Many emojis have been introduced such as the interesting Android Easter Egg also known as the Octopus, which changes sizes as you rotate the device and can also be dragged across, and the famous blob emoji.


  • Picture-in-Picture mode (PiP):Earlier introduced on Android TVs, the PiP mode is now available on phones as well. This enables you to view the picture in a small window while completing your other phone tasks on another window.


  • Better battery life: The Battery usagesection is enhanced to prevent apps from draining the battery. This allows apps to run within the execution limits only.


  • Higher qualitybluetooth audio: The Oreo version includes Bluetooth 5 which enhances the data


  • Mouse pointer capture:Allows using a mouse input on a smartphone.


  • Wi-Fi Assistant:A setting to allow the Assistant to automatically connect you to available public wireless networks.

These are only just a few highlights of the Oreo version. You can view a comprehensive list of the features and updates here:

Overall, the Oreo version is extremely impressive and makes the use of smartphones a whole lot easier as it brings to us a wide range of options.


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