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The release of the iPhone 9 is actually just around the corner and is expected to be in the month of September 2018. This can be predicted based on the release schedules of Apple and the rumors that have been leaked as of yet.

However, Apple has not yet announced dates or sent out invites for their annual launch event. According to a number of intelligent predictions, however, the date would be around September 12, 2018.

This is because in general, Apple is known to hold the annual iPhone events somewhere around September and in the second week. So after the launch, iPhone 9 shall be released after about a week or two.

What will the price of the iPhone 9 be

Well, iPhone 9 has been marketed as an affordable phone. However, do note that it is not a budget phone so one cannot expect it to be cheap. However, the final price may be notably lesser than previous model releases.

According to a number of leaks and rumors such as that from Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 9 may cost somewhere around $600 to $700 or within that practiced. This means that it will certainly be far cheaper as compared to the iPhone 8 at the time of its release.

It is also expected that Apple will not bundle the 3.5 mm adaptor for headphones along with it. This may even let the price tag come a little bit lower.

Another possibility is that Apple may just let go of the numerical aspect of the brand and label it as something as iPhone 2018. This might be possible considering the fact that Apple already did this with the MacBook, Mac, and iPad.

As far as the looks of the new iPhone 9 go, one cannot say for sure how it might look like as of yet. However, according to a number of rumours  the bezels might be slimmed down a little allowing for a larger screen area.                 

Apart from that, it is also expected to look a lot like the iPhone X. However, analysts say that it is likely to have a single camera unlike the iPhone X and iPhone plus series. This is because according to an Apple Patent, one might be able to deduce that the company is working on a new lens camera that is capable of sensing depth as good as a dual-lens camera making it more suitable for portraits. While we may not see this exactly on the iPhone 9, it is certainly one of the major possibilities with regard to the camera. Asfar as the screen size goes, it is expected to have a 6.1 inches OLED screen.

Another news suggests that the iPhone 9 may be making use of a modem made by Intel. As far as the current models of iPhones go, there happens to be a major split between the Qualcomm and Intel modems. However, according to rumors, Apple will fully be making use of the Intel models as of the year 2018.


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