iPhone 11 Xs Xr ? - The Guessing Game begins

iPhone 11 XS ?: Everything We Know So Far

Calling all Apple fans, massive leaks surface ahead of Apple’s latest flagship series’ fast approaching official release date.


Although we are still not sure what the name of the latest Apple generation will be, we’ve gathered the best insider reports about the latest news, leaks and information about the most anticipated new Apple series. Read on to find out fresh chunks of information about iPhone 11 which is pretty much heading its way to the smartphone market in just a few more days.


iPhone 11 – Release Date and Price


Though its official name remains as a mystery, insider reports widely tipped that the launching of Apple’s newest series member will be this coming September 12 and the phone will be released to the public by the end of September.


Apparently, we can expect that iPhone 11 will cost a lot. Various sources point out that its price will likely to be just about the same as its iPhone X predecessor. That said, iPhone 11’s starting price will most likely between £900 and £1,000.


What Will the Latest iPhone Look Like?


According to insider reports, iPhone 11 will allegedly feature a stainless steel frame. Apple users can also expect a new color addition as it is believed that Apple will be releasing iPhone 11 in white, black and the newest color, gold. In addition to having small bezels both at the top and bottom, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus may boast a slimmer surround screen with its overall design likely not to deviate much from that of the iPhone X.


Display and Camera


Sources are claiming that the iPhone 11 screen will be around 5.85 inches, while iPhone 11 Plus will be somewhere between 6.3 and 6.5 inches. Moreover, the 6.5-inch handset is said to be offering a pixel density of between 480 and 500ppi and the 5.85-inch will offer 458 ppi.There are also evidences that suggest iPhone 11 will be showcasing a curved OLED display.


The latest iPhone is also said to be equipped with significant camera performance improvements. The phone is set to boast an even smarter front camera as well as dual rear cameras.


Specs and Other Features


Almost certainly, iPhone 11 will have built-in Face ID sensor. Rumors also specify that iPhone 11 is geared towards faster mobile data speed. The new phone will be featuring a dual-SIM card slot and an amazing 4GB RAM. Users will be delighted if indeed the new phone will come with 10% larger battery which will allow fast charging, plus, the fast charger is likely to be included in the box.


More News and Leaks


It has been reported that Apple will be delighting its consumers with three iPhone handsets in the making. Exactly what the new phones will be called remains a secret but it looks like we may be getting iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus. And, all three of these latest Apple additional members is said to come with the cutting-edge A12 chipset. Another possibility is that the iPhone 11 will support the Apple pencil feature.