iOS 15 – what do we know?

iOS 15 – what do we know?

As usual, Apple has created a considerable amount of hype and rumours around its upcoming iOS 15 launch. But what do we know for sure?


Although there is no 'official' date, it seems likely that iOS 15 will be available for iPhone users in autumn 2021. iOS updates typically coincide with the launch of the new iPhone, so we might expect to see iOS 15 launch at the same time as the iPhone 13. 

Due to issues surrounding the pandemic in 2020, the iPhone 12 launch was delayed, but iOS 14 was still rolled out, so something similar may happen this year. 

Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) takes place in June, so there is every chance that iOS 15 will officially be unveiled then. 

Which Phones?

All iPhones from the iPhone 7 upwards will get iOS 15. So this includes all of the following;

*iPhone 7 and 7 plus

*iPhone 8 and 8 plus

*iPhone X and XR

*iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

*iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max

*iPhone SE (2020)

*iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini

*iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

*iPhones brought out in late 2021 (iPhone 13)

It doesn't look like iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, or iPhone SE's will be getting iOS 15. 

 What features do we want?

Although we don't know for sure what the features of iOS 15 will be, there is a general consensus in the tech community about what users want to see. 

It should include upgraded features that were already released on iOS 14, including more default apps, widgets on the lock screen, further reading and presentation mode in FaceTime. 

Other features that people want to see include;

*Superior Siri

Let's face it, Siri is nowhere near as good as Google Assistant, although it is improving with every upgrade. We want to see Siri getting better at answering our questions, as that is its main purpose. Better answers that aren't just pulled off the web would be an improvement, as would more effective speech recognition. 

*Improved Translate

The translate app that was added as part of the iOS 14 upgrade was a great addition. However, that fact that it only includes 12 languages means that it is far less useful than Google Translate. Hopefully, there will be significant improvements to this with iOS 15. 

*Bring back the app store Wish List

Why Apple got rid of the wish list is anybody's guess. Making a list of apps and games that you might want to buy (when you have the money) was really useful. Hopefully, iOS 15 will see it return. 

*Improved Notifications

Making improvements to notifications is something that has needed addressing in iOS for some time. Making it more instinctive for the user needs to be their primary goal, including making it easier to delete emails.

There are other features that iPhone users would like to see, such as being able to change the default SMS and improving Apple Maps to cover more locations.  


For now, we will all have to wait and see what Apple will unveil at the WWDC.