iOS 14 update, what will be new?

iOS 14 update, what will be new?

iOS 14 will be unveiled on June the 22, announcing the key features and upgrades that will land on iPhones later in the year.  The internet has picked up on some leaks and rumours, the biggest concerning support for 5G, should Apple finally succumb to releasing a 5G phone.

A virtual keynote will be hosted on the 22nd of June, but here are the rumours that we have heard so far.

Compatibility and interface:

All phones that run on iSO 13 will be able to support iSO 14, so for those who are reluctant to upgrade their phone, you may not have to. However, it is not clear whether the original iPhone SE will get the iSO 14 update.

There are many rumours swirling about changes to the interface including; adding widgets to home screens, more wallpaper options, new app switcher layout and, tailoring your phone to the apps you use, for example; setting third-party options as defaults like Google Chrome and Gmail in the place of Safari and Mail. 

 Health and fitness:

A new standalone app might possibly be introduced, it will offer guided fitness videos through a range of workouts, and the app can be used with the Apple Watch to track your progress.


You may not have to install an app in order to use their functions, this will not only free up space and prevent clogging up your phone with apps that you don’t use, but it gives you the chance to try them out before committing to downloading the app. 

New features to the Messages app have been linked to iSO 14, allowing you to tag participants in group chats, the idea is that you can mute a conversation and get notifications when someone mentioned your name. 

Another rumour floating around is a translation feature that will display translations on an entire webpage alongside the original text without a connection to the internet. 


How much fun would you have with playing around with Siri voices, iSO 14 could introduce additional languages and the use of custom voice synthesisers to change Siri’s voice to your preference. 


Improvements to iCloud Keychain would add features that will warn users when they are re-using passwords and all two-factor authentication support. With these changes in mind, it could stand up to other password managers like LastPass. 


A highly debated feature and one that a lot of people are expecting to see with the new operating system is 5G compatibility. However, this will only be applied to new models of phones as a connection to 5G networks require a specific type of modem and processors. 

It will be difficult to say which one of the rumours and leaks will make it into the final operating system. As the team at Apple continue to make tweaks and adjustments it is not guaranteed that all of what we have mentioned will be unveiled on the 22 June.