iOS 14.5, All you Need to Know

iOS 14.5, All you Need to Know Apple has now launched its new iOS update, and it is extremely important to cover all of its features that it brings to its customers. We will guide you on how to implement it as well as what it’s attributes are going to be. Keep reading to further understand how to get this innovative update on your phone! How to Update your iPhone Before we dive deep into what this new update will do for you, it is important to understand how to get this onto your phone. In order to do this, you need to go into your phone’s settings and then go under the general tab. Under the general tab you will see a section that says, ‘software update’. You will need to make sure that your device has at least 50% charge or is connected to a source of power, then you will need to wait for your phone to update. Some New Features Apple has made sure to keep up with the times and allow users to unlock their phones using their apple watch if it is unlocked. This is in light of the current pandemic in which it can be a nuisance, and a safety hazard for people to remove their masks to unlock their phones. Furthermore, Apple’s virtual assistant will now have a variety of different voices, and you will be able to ask Siri to do many more things than they were able to before. For example, you are now able to ask it to call a variety of contacts, such as calls to emergency contacts in case an emergency situation does happen, and you are unable to manually use your phone. This update has certainly emphasised the importance of safety by allowing you to report any road collisions that occur. This is certainly going to help save lives and a variety of people journey times. Furthermore, this update allows you to also safeguard your personal data, something that man users of apple devices have expressed concern over. In this way, this update allows the users of its devices to have the choice in whether or not they want to be tracked by third party applications. There is no automatic opt in feature, meaning that you have to physically express your desire to share this data. If you do not apple cannot share this data. Therefore, it is clear to see the innovative safety features that Apple is trying to implement in its new devices, and it certainly shows through this new update. From helping to protect against a deadly pandemic, to helping you feel more at ease with your data, Apple is finding a variety of new ways to make the users of its iPhones much more at ease in regard to making them feel safe. Therefore, this update is definitely worth it to make sure you are able to fully make your own decisions about your safety.