Huawei Mate P30


Following up with the impressive 2018 Model Mate Pro 20, Huawei will be releasing the Mate P30 and Mate P30 Pro in 2019.  Recent issues with stocking goods in international markets, may make Huawei not well known as a smartphone manufacture to Americans. American households are familiar with Apple and Samsung, but Huawei has silently moved into 2nd place for cellphone manufacturers ahead of Apple. Huawei is a telecommunications corporation based in China. They have had critically acclaimed smartphones released in recent years. Huawei smartphones currently offer a unique collection of features not found with any other devices.

We are yet to be given a release date for the P30 devices, but CEO Richard Yu has confirmed the P30 series will be released in 2019 to journalists at the IFA Consumer Electronics Trade show in Berlin. It is believed that a release date could be announced as early as late February at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Other device from competitors LG and Sony may also be announced at this trade event and number one provider Samsung is announcing its S10 series at a separate event on February 20th.  A press conference scheduled on February 24th, the opening of MWC could be a possible day for the announcement. 

Little information is currently available regarding design and technology specifications. However, insiders have leaked a few interesting details. The price for the P30 models is expected to begin at around $790 USD which is the same as the current P20 model. The P30 device is expected to be at least 1000 USD with forecasts as much as $1199 USD. Many smartphones have opted to not include headphone jacks, but the P30 models are believed to have brought them back. Display size is expected to remain consistent with the P20 series with 5.8 inch and 6.1 inch offerings. Huawei is seen as dominating the world of smartphone cameras. The P30 series aims to continue this supremacy. Leaks show that camera configuration will move from horizontal to vertical but still include 3 rear facing lenses. The Pro P30 will be enhanced with a 4th rear facing camera lens. The P30 Pro may also have another novel introduction as it may become the first device to utilize a 38 megapixel Sony IMX607 image sensor to help with camera focus. The devices are also not expected to make large changes in processing or storage capacity. Current models feature 4-8 GB of Ram and 128GB to 256 GB of storage. Wireless charging is not a current option with Huawei devices,but this is expected to be introduced with the 2019 models. The front facing fingerprint sensor is no longer present. Samsung S10 will be offing a 5G option but it is not known at this time if Huawei will follow suit. 

Huawei devices have continually shown innovation in camera technology in the past several years. Unique features and cutting edge hardware lead to anticipation Huawei will continue to grow as a smartphone manufacturer with the release of the 2019 models.