How to improve your phones battery life

Improve Phone Battery Life


With every argument involving smartphones, one subject that is irrelevant is the issue of battery life. All phones are not that good with quality of life; the iPhone is innocent in that it isn’t the only horrific battery inside of it. When your phone runs out of battery, you are held back from using it to communicate to others or keep up to date. Many phones are made to have a long battery life with large, energy-efficient batteries. However, after a certain amount of time, its effectiveness drops and the slim models starve the phone of needed battery energy. So, how can you improve it without changing the phone or buying a new battery?


One thing to see is to go to Settings and Battery to view a breakdown of what is using your phone's battery the most. Applications and features you use will display the amount of power on average; if there is an app you don’t use, uninstall the app to save the battery power. Also, set various messaging apps to a refresh frequency to extend your battery life by a bit. Once you recognize that it make a big difference, enable the most important messaging apps. A third basic thing would be to turn down the brightness because this one alone kills battery life.


You can also get rid of any unnecessary home screen widgets instead of letting them sit on the home screen inactive suck up the power. These widgets and the background wallpaper also take up energy, especially if it is a live one. Then, look up to see if the apps are needed to be updated because the new versions use less battery power. Keep it up to date; you may have to check it manually to install them. Also, having apps run on the screen adds more to the battery and removing them helps a load off the battery. 


If in an area with a poor signal, the phone will work harder to catch one strong enough to keep, sucking up more battery life. There's nothing that canoe fixed there for a better signal, but this can make a battery weaker, so consider putting the phone into Airplane mode if you don't need any data or voice calls. Finally, when in doubt, go to battery save mode and it will buy your battery some time during the long day.


The phone’s battery life is something important to everyone because it has to be reliable and last many hours instead of watching it drain out in half a day. As time goes on, it gets worse; this is where a phone’s overall health varies by type. But any version will require you to find ways to clog the drain on it so the phone can last you the entire day. Improve it by these small ways to save the percentages by a lot.